same texture of breath

everywhere, with everybody

the transport of air

or release of carbon dioxide

survival has a pattern


yellow is not the  color for few

while red blood for others

nothing is hidden

nothing was, for the scultpor

of  the universe

the sprouting of thoughts

the trajectory of subtle ego,

hatred , those clandestine intents

selfish in flavor

even non-conversion of thoughts

to actions is no yardstick to qualify

vacuum cleaning with tools

of cosmetic propaganda

is not going to absolve

the pristine soul does not know

the complications professed.

nothing like utopian

oneness has a new address

in love

compassion is the new etiquette

of  the town

for the union not far away















the regalia
looks inorganic 
without you 
the histrionics around
the hocus-pocus in the air 
made me crave for your presence
to tide over the hollowness within 
to revisit the gallery of togetherness
we created 
the restless cuckoo's chirp of the neighbourhood 
in the morning 
repeatedly said..
'what you are waiting for 
cross the hedge 
right now'
to recreate the mosaic,
left behind 


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Dear Mind


the horizon is not fixed 
the assortment of layers
sprinting from the mould of subconscious
to the mound of hidden subtle thoughts
biased or unbiased
rich or trivial 
the cruise encompassing from here to there
from least to most
from mundane to surrealism 
from the transparent ambience of heart
to knoll of inflictions or judgements 
Or in between, the patch of 
if you are with me now
the next moment you accompany me
to them or there,dissecting everything
forming the cocoon of my behaviors!
at times I wonder
who controls you
are you auto-controlled!
or it is my wisdom or ignorance
my background,my persuasion,
my being prone to hypnosis around
or my neurotransmitter
I once thought to bring a rope
to chain you in a corner
unplugging from the main socket,
only to invite a stinking darkness
go wherever you want
no curb on your freedom
but just a request 
change your direction,may it mean a misdirection
towards the pinnacle of positivity,love
leaving the tracks of hatred,ignorance or fear
far behind 
for the endorphins of goodness,
brainwashing,persuading all that come in between
for you make my day
perhaps you make me what I am!


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You see i am unable to muster strength
with rashes in heart
and a raucous mind,
my companion,
the confines of scarry
solitary nights
still give rise to dream
the dream of layout of our future
once your cynosure
now needs a ferry
to reach the bedrock point,
of our togetherness
the hinge is missing somewhere
in the darkness of(mis) understanding,
i could still dream.
the lantern in your hand
searching the hinge
with me, together 
to ward off the abyss of murkiness,
or with you,there?


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Silence of joy

the revolting silence

and backfired resolution

to make it surface!

the locquaciousness of

the garbage beneath

the layers of subconscious.

closing the multiple screens

of  mind,

displacement of whispers,

irrelevant structures of

internal concrete


you read it right

through the handpicked tools

of  expanded horizon

of love for exoneration

and let go

or a deliberate forgetfulness

for the cleanliness,



joy of silence reinvented !





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drifting thoughts,

to align with the conscience

and  a  crying soul.

retreated baby steps

merge with multiple

accessible justifications,

a transitory escape route!

how the sun witnessed in the morning,

has become the moon in the night,now,

reinforcing  a  flying time,

I don’t know

the search, however

is yet to begin !




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