Self Surgery


overcoming being miserable 
or being far from 
the attacks of revulsion
when a moment's equanimity 
is considered actual happiness
on a bumpy ride called life,
the gateway to placidity and peace
seems to be ..balancing of mind 
or the objective observing 
of mind-matter interaction 
at the level of sensation sans blind reaction,
the insight to see things as it is 
for the mind is in constant touch with
the feelings of pains,heat,cold,stress..
at the subtler level of body
with pleasant feelings in body,
the mind reacting with clinging 
and unpleasant ones greeted with aversion! 
saying ' you are your own master'
paves the way for realizing the mantra
that everything changes in the world,
the people, situations, constantly
and looking things just as they are,
rather than a resorting to a blind reactionary spiral,
arrests mind malfunctioning!
if diseases,accidents need medical help
why the mental short circuits 
of anger,mood swings,insecurities,depression
be deprived of the mental help?
the antidote being..  
the mind surgery and dispassion! 
call it utilitarianism 
or a truce with life,
the road ahead
is to rewire 
and mind repair!    


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a plethora of voices

each setting its spectrum

noises intermittent

many unnecessary but inescapable

the statues of future,

of  fear greed success failure,

self made,

dancing right before the mind

with the future being consumed,now

all  i  wanted,

a few moments of  nothingness

to keep the ever engaging mind at bay

a forest stay away from this world of attachments

or  a trail of seclusion scouting for those

precious moments,

meditation or without or beyond

internal silence is an inside job


a deliberate mission for a higher conversation,

is  all about knowing the truth

and unknowing the attachments,

manifested in fear greed ego,

successes or  failures




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the sale 
the barcode scanner
the trial room
the bargain
the weighing scales
the bills and receipts 
the fake smiles to clinch the deal 
the corridors of needs or luxury
for the cause of survival or beyond!
the demand and supply 
and the equilibrium 
setting the perfection of prices
the rise and fall 
or the suppression of the wishes!
the show casing of goods or decadence
nothing new about this
hold on..
few market their wealth,ego,status
where ever they go 
always on the look out for buyers
failing to realize 
everything is black after closing the eyes
 and the death brings them to dust!
how about this
the surrender and the resultant blessings
the perfect give and take 
soaked in the love of HIM
the gateway to a blissful market!!   


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when the world sleeps
you appear
in my thoughts
mostly in my 'my time' slots
i traveled miles backwards today
to meet you 
with a smiling heart
how my overnight preparations
to face you turned topsy-turvy
in the morning in our first date
how our drive was on the rainy day
with hot coffee en route 
in our half drenched dresses 
how the pool side bench 
looked at me with melancholy
the day after your departure
the rainy day wind
entered my room just now 
and that reinforced your presence


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Faded Rainbow

the cool breeze 
and the drizzling thereafter
what a solace 
to the parched farm
rekindling the tiny plants
just the way we met
each other then
an exhilarating whirlwind
swaying in the vacuity
of my heart
the sprinkling new feelings
with wings of rainbow
enamouring all over
why the drizzling
turned into torrential rains
breaking the backbone
of tiny plants 
don't know 
where from the storm
in our understanding surfaced,
mildewing the innocent emotions,
the rain and the wind
returned to their places
with the new sunshine
except you..
I somehow managed
to pass the scorching heat
Of the day  
without the cool shades of you
by my side..
but how to resume a conversation,
with the twinkling stars
of solitary nights,now?
is there any rainbow
in the offing?
I don't know! 


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the green leaf

has turned off white,

dry, pale

rainbow  of  reminiscences

somehow faded with time,

uncared for

retention needed nurturing interface

not a  failed telepathy.

memento of moments

relishing of  history

neglected feelings

the searches of  solitary midnights

and the soliloquy en route

indifferent  fantasies

you see,

the confluence of  the blame and guilt

is not the question

tiding over with a ferry of understanding


who knows

the leaf can turn lively, green

with little love and care




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who is there ?

behind the draperies

dark in the midnight

in the chilling rainy night

shivering intermittent thunderstorms and lightning

the lightning

the only light

showed up your laughing face

Oh my God

how can you be ‘ me’

what you are doing there

when I am inside

how can you look so happy

in the adversities

when I am writhing in pains,inside

dissecting my four walled miseries

questioning the answers

or answering the questions

are you trying to say

forgive and forget

this or that

or who did what

these graph of pains

loss and separation

transient happiness or sorrows

all lies

yes all lies

did you just say

the only truth

to know myself more

the radiant ever glowing ‘ true me’

the golden boy of HIM

the only of its  kind

a bundle of joy love and bliss

the morning showed the day

with the smile on my face

frantically searching you

outside the window

in the new sunshine

when did you come inside my room?

may be you were with me

already  !



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