That long silence


after the long nattering 
your abrupt silence 
made me evaluate 
where i had gone wrong
where is the scope for amendment
on my part 
questioning the answers  
and answering the questions 
i confronted  on my way
the fear of loss 
and hope for a happy comeback
engaging me all through out 
making me looking out for 
the locksmith of hope 
to unlock the deadlock
i told my heart 
to stay cool
to persevere 
it is nothing more than 
an obscure patch
may be a swing of mood 
don't know why 
this time 
the normalcy did not return
the silence taking longer
to get dismantled 
longer enough to reinstate 
the original comeback!
leaving behind 
the memento of that long silence
with me 
for ever    


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Malaise of  heart

and  humanity ?

a  sediment  now


not embracing

profligacy of  ego and hatred

prognosis reinforces panacea

of  spreading love

I look out  for

the  matrix to help desire

the constant presence of omnipresent

in the temple  of  consciousness,

seeing  His  presence

in everyone

in everything !






somebody  from the crowd


be it  as  it may

why  it should  be

and  how long , i  don’t  know

the wooden log , dry,

life less , separated  from mother tree,

some how aspires  to be

in the middle  of  lively meadow

not   in the midst  of  midnight  despondency,

to  witness  the  preheated fantasies

going   evaporated , through  the window,

black  in the  night,

singing  a  semitone,

time  and  again.

You  know

it  is  difficult  to duplicate  the feelings

though  new aurora  may bring  varied new colors,

a  different  genre,

the  heart  still  craves

to  revolve around  the  sun  of  you

in  a  neoclassical  way,

with  renewed  precocity

to  draw  a  herbaceous  border

that  flourishes

with  the  tendril  of  you  being  near me,





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scintillating  journey

cruising ahead the night’s silence ,

a  disturbed  sleep  syndrome

or  an  welcome  encounter

with  the  self !

the  time zone  meant for talking

to the  shadow of  intellect


far from  biases and  knoll of

irrational behaviours  executed

in the day

that day  a  second  evaluation of actions

some how reconfirmed that

how  wrong  was that  reaction

that  rude  tone

that  indifferent attitude

that  ignoring the  pain,

to  those people around

how the trail of  actions

was  bereft  of  love   care

and  compassion

a  revisit  making  me realize

the snags  of  humanity,

patience , forgiveness

or  eternal  awareness

a  revisit  urging me to refurbish,

before  I  succumbed  to  sleep !






Lovely Relationship

A  beginning

focussing on lovely attributes

some how slips to focussing

on bad qualities of a partner,

a loved one

a low tolerance level

melting  love for the person

in the heat of  current pain ,

a memoir of  detestation

the breached threshold of tolerance

making sure to convert tolerance

in to contempt,

the love morphing into hate

and the hate branding

every action of other

as immoral  wrong  or selfish

peculiar is the tendency of brain

for it remembers the present pain

or pleasure ,

forgetting all the delights

unforgettable beauties of the other person or the past

denial of a second chance

to the one who is hurting ,

only denies an opportunity to overcome the pain of being hurt

all that the love,

the lifeline of existence,

the mother and manifestation

of  all wisdom,

cries out for  survival

is to appreciate the difference in others,

accept them

or at least   tolerate and forgive them !






Castle of hopes

the midnight soliloquy

and the castle of hopes

with bricks of  permutations,


built , rebuilt.

sea of  imagination

cool , blue

the tidal fantasy marching ahead,


don’t  know why

transitory white bubbles

die natural death !

retreating waves

cruising ahead to disseminate

the havoc of  pain.

believe me

the crossroads of  aching silences

will  not  be same again

for the cycle of  impermanence

will replace gloom with  glee ,

after few  hours

with the  new  aurora

castle of  hopes

this  time  will  be  built

on the  as  is  where  is  basis

on  the  edifice  of  living in the present

than  in   past  or  future

and  will be  rebuilt

with  the belief that

everything  happens

for  a  reason !










the sky maintained

a  stoic silence

may be it is adept in it

like you?

the falling raindrops

outside my room,

brought me near to you today

a whirlpool of warmth and fondness,

fantasy and passion

nostalgia and hope

even a shiver,

all assembled to witness what next,

the heart dance to the tuning

of  torrential rains,

expectancy of  sprouting of new leaves,

on a bald tree.

the cold winds made me talk to you

you said

you liked the coral reefs under water

i said

you would find it inside my longing heart,

that has not gone dry over the years,

if  you delve a little deeper

you see

long distance was not an issue

the distance was never ever

long for me!




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