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the big  and beautiful universe
billions of lives
big bang or before
who remembers me
except for my goodness

how hard I try to disprove

my non-entity stature

When the creator , up above the sky

laughs at my actions

and forgives me

why I carry a profusion

Of ego on my sleeves

a paradox to ruminate,

why this!




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Why I stole those behaviours

from them

the subtle influences

the borrowed ego

the prosaic stature

Why I inhaled the smoke

of comparison

I was ‘me ‘ till yesterday

why I question the so called


instead of replenishing

the fresh air of renaissance

in to the ‘ true me ‘





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I  asked  the effusive reminiscences
to take   me to those moments
to be with you
I asked the rain to wash away
those tears and solitude
to palliate the pains
to pervade those dimples
on your cheeks
I  asked  those innocuous fights
to be very careful  next time
to be evanescent
if at all they be
I asked the breeze  to  preclude
the heaviness  in the air
or heart
I asked the esoteric crescent
to go back
to come back
a mellifluous full moon
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in the interlude of life

in a gradient path of values

a mute spectator to anger ego resentment

or jealousy amidst glutting materialism

as if living in a hutch 

not knowing how to evacuate the self 

from the imprisoned life cell 

to a safe haven of tranquility and contentment

the blatant ostentation 

the mildew in relationships or emotions 

he and his insomnia

the hangover of guilt 

the perceived nausea of heart 

not anymore 

now he resolved 

to join the forgiveness project 

to forgive and be forgiven 

for the cessation of resentment within 

away from indignation or anger 

or knoll of biases and sticky pains 

or the unintentional violence

the process of shedding karmas 

for peace health prosperity or career

for self and others

embracing the ingrdients
a subdued ego 

a little humility 

a bit of suppressed anger 

a feel of love for the father 

for the osmosis within 

for the rainbow of happines 

in and out! 


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why the rainy evening
reminds me my solitude
absence of symbiosis
i don't know 
falling down of the book 
from the bookshelf
was accidental
not my canvas of thoughts 
looking out for the cocoon of your love
the old book you gave me years back
a gift or an enrapturing memento 
to caress me much later
God knows
a garden of autumn just followed me
wherever my reminiscences went
coupled with the rainy winds
what a picturesque fragrance
of you..hovering near me
i noticed the last page
the flyleaf
the pure white color has turned into off white
like an overcast sky
hiding the sun of subdued feelings
reinforcing the years gone by 
or 'the time heals' consolation perfectly ensconced 
i wanted to write something 
on the blank flyleaf
not for calligraphy or origami
but for meeting you
right there in the flyleaf itself
but could not write much
your name
and " God bless you ever"       

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scattered jasmines

each radiating the distinct fragrance

even after being plucked

unmindful of  their separation

from the  cosy laps of  mother

the sunbeams  don’t discriminate

the destinations they want  to go

I stumble


to disseminate the warmth

with unwanted stopovers

of  biases  half baked  judgement

inhibitions of clouds of ego

a blurred vision

a fall out of  elusive self surgery

a  conflict of interest

of  my  true nature

enough  is  enough

these pretentious displays

lofty ideals hanging  in the air

for so long

resolutions  on the wet sands

of  seashore

only to be washed away

by the  blue  ocean

the inclusiveness of a  search

amidst distraction of  procrastination

I  asked  the path

to enamour

my  mind  and  heart

with divine grace

as  I  tried to  grab

those depleting  love

and  perseverance




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