The Lady with a child- A Beggar

As usual  I was hurrying for preparing myself to office . It is office time , yet another gruelling day !   Having done up , totally ready, I stepped out for office . While driving thro lanes, small traffic posts I had to wait in the busiest traffic post , in the main market area.

It was 10.20 a.m.; little late than my usual time of crossing that traffic junction. My mind was busy thinking the jobs to do in office, assignments to complete, meetings to attend, clients to handle , that elusive business targets to work on …a mind occupied with a mixed feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, excitement . While still waiting for Green signal to move , my thinking got disrupted by the knock at the door of my vehicle.

A lady with a very small child was asking for some money to feed the child .In the scorching heat , the lady & child were looking very tired , the child seemed to have severe cold , was crying & coughing . The lady was frantically calling me for help looking at traffic signal in between as if she knew , once it is Green , she will loose yet another chance to get some ” coins ” .

 31nleadIt was such a pitiable sight , I felt so sad for them & wanted to give the lady Rs10 or 20 . At the same time another wave of thought advised me not to give any thing . I started thinking -it is a farce , it is a business ..who knows whether the lady holding the child is her mother or the child , a hired one for this emotional blackmailing business !  why cant she work and earn a livelihood ?She is not that very old or sick .While my compassionate heart was all for helping her generously  my suspecting mind instructed me not to encourage such fake practices for easy money ! !                Though the tussle between my heart & mind continued for few moments & I finally decided to give her money , I could not give any . The signal turned Green & taking out money from wallet removing seat belt was not possible . I was completely out of time .

Though I got otherwise busy in the office ..that knocking sounds at my car door , that innocent sick coughing child’s face were constantly with me . I felt like cheating someone after committing to help .Determined to search & help that lady in the evening on my way to home at that particular junction  , my efforts did not yield any result , she might have gone elsewhere . Spotting an old man asking for alms nearby , I gave Rs50 , who , little unprepared for the windfall gain went on showering blessings on me .

images (2)While still to commute another 10 km to reach my home , I just pondered about the helplessness of many of us to do anything for many such destitutes we come across everyday . A busy , materialistic life & an indifferent attitude always take a toll on our other side of being human being !

Still driving back home in a less congested traffic roads/lanes late in the evening , I could not stop focusing in   my   thoughts , on the other little information  on this everyone’s-part-of-life issue named ” BEGGING “

In a country where one in every 4 goes to bed hungry every night & 78 millions are homeless , it is not very uncommon to find Beggars at road sides, traffic signals, under flyovers .. According to a Govt report , beggar population is more than 4.00 lakhs with west bengal topping the list with > than 80000 beggars & lakhadweep with least number of them .The figure appears to be very conservative as the surveys independently done , indicate much more .

According to  a survey by Delhi school of social work, over 3.00 lakhs beggars are there in Mumbai alone. As per 1931 census , % of women beggars was 16 % of total beggars which has increased to 49 % in 2001 census & there are 10 millions street childern .

Typically , though the problem of begging stems from situations like prolonged poverty,  unemployment & non-utilization of available resources , subsequent studies reveal – Begging  as a livelihood wins over casual labouring , because average daily income of most beggars is  Rs80 or more . According to Govt. of Maharashtra , Rs180 crores is the worth of beggars in Mumbai !

is  beggar-1024x724b

Almost all surveys show Beggars are largely contended lot unwilling to take up honest labour. Survey of Delhi school of social work shows 26 % of them are happy , 81 % claim they dont face any problem while begging , they find it a viable business . Only 15 % feel they are at times humilated by police or public . But a study published by International journal of psychological Rehabilitation states that they ( Beggars ) suffer from one or another Psychiatric illness, history of addiction , many feeling of shame ,guilt  , 4 % of them with suicidal tendencies  &  8 % of them with anti -social tendencies .

is (2)

Traditionally  we as a nation have upheld the virtue –      ” giving alms to needy as an accepted way of life ” As a result Begging has always thrived to exist & expand . The saddest part is helpless & innocent children have been used to bolster the begging activity in the organized begging business space . The small children at times are reportedly hired per hour from the poor parents to arouse the sympathy from donors or the body parts of small children  made defunct to get more attention & money .

Though there exists the juvenile justice ( care & protection ) of children Act 2006, Right of a child to free & compulsory Education ( RTE ) Act 2009 , Child labour ( Prohibition & Regulation ) Act 1986 ,  a 24 hour child help line # 1098 ( ) , the Child Begging has gone unabated .

The definition of Beggar  in laws states – as any one who appears poor . The legislation ( anti-beggar ) aims at removing the poor from the face of city . There are provisions for vocational training in the Govt. run beggar homes , many say these homes are worse than the 3rd grade jails where the inmates can spend up to 10 years .Moreover , the Beggars who have spent years on the street & outside a homely zone , find it difficult to live in the confined space .

is (5)

The silver line , however is that , there are few good NGOs , philanthropic organizations , humane individuals who are trying their best in providing free hostels, free education , vocational training to unprivileged children & others by collecting donations, sponsorship, clothes, foods etc . People working in these field prescribe however – not to encourage Begging habit by giving Rs1 or 2 , as such givings lead to growth of Begging cycle .

With such a background & thoughts wandering over this complex socio-economic issue , I just wonder : where do we go from here :  Should we stop rekindling our kindness, empathy when we see the painful sights of a begging senior citizen , a helpless aged mother like lady , an innocent deprived child on the road , bus stop , station , fly over or elsewhere ?

It is very hard to force stop your natural urge to help the destitute , passing by them – not knowing fully who is fake & who deserves our little care and help .

Though a comprehensive program entailing a philanthropic , therapeutic & rehabilitative actions , sounds logical & practical as a solution , I may still think to keep the door of my compassionate heart open for the needy & deprived , may be for best results, in association with good NGOs & others working for these people .

Let the Kindness , Love , Care prevail for these special people of the same society we live in.





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  2. Swati satpathy · March 7, 2016

    Very touchy n informative , nice writing keep posting , cheers !

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  3. Tanisha mishra · March 7, 2016

    Awesome writing !!! It is amazing to see how u have understood d problem of DAT section of society who r Neva cared .. Keep it up !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ssidhi · March 7, 2016

    This is one of the most trickiest situation that one could be at. Do you look from humanity or the sub standard business that goes around. It is a very candid account of the facts and situation. Well stated!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sid , yes very delicate n trickiest situations ..tried a depiction of reality ,personally however intent is to rekindle the humane side without which improved change possible

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  5. Debjani mishra · March 7, 2016

    A unique topic to write on…..the destitute situation of these beggers.keep writing lyk dis..

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  7. Siddhartha pani · March 8, 2016

    Really informative and hearttouching. sometimes we feel we shud help these poor people.but i have seen some of these beggars holding diff child on diff day at diff location which creates serious stead i feel there shud be more destitute home n begging shud be banned.


    • Thank you sidharth , at times our suspecting mind ,seeing fake begging sights ,gets confused whether to help or not .But then shying away altogether may not be right , agree with you : there shud be more destitutes homes based on love n care .


  8. ANJANI Thakur · March 8, 2016

    This story is very heart touching and feel
    bad when I sit alone and think about pilight of poor.Nice writing and deep concern about poor. Thanks for choosing this topic.


  9. misggrace · March 24, 2016

    I love this article.. God bless you for the post.. it reminds me of my own post ‘Life from bin, there is still hope’… we must never fail in the area of compassion.. the reason why we are blessed is to be a blessing to others, instead of gloat about what we have.. i would like to tag this post to mine work if you dont mind?

    Thanks for sharing.. God bless!

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  11. Springstart@life : Kamakhya · March 24, 2016

    Very true we should be the source of blessings for others .thank you.


  12. Gama · May 2, 2016

    Very touching😢😢😢sir, thanks for sharing👍

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  13. Thank you Gama …for reading . A busy materialistic life n indifferent attitude , always take a toll on the other side of our being humane .


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  16. thoughtsnlifeblog · February 3, 2018

    Speechless , it is a tough situation.

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  17. Author Rajiv Bakshi · June 26, 2021

    Very well written & informative post

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