How Are You Feeling

I  never meant to listen the conversation that was going on among that family members , in that busy Mall on that day , but I was drawn to it any way , shopping near by .

The Teenage , perhaps the college going girl was selecting a dress , not knowing the price. After knowing the price , the father could not approve of -may be it was beyond his budget. I could , standing nearby, read the helplessness,guilt feeling in the face of father & understanding the plight of his father , the daughter’s consoling him not to worry & asking him to buy something else , suppressing her desire for the preferred dress .There was a pause/silence among the other family members for few moments , even to a sensitive outsider like me , though they went on to buy another stuff .

Are our Feelings  infectious  ?  Yes , our happy moods, feeling good , elations , spread good vibes to others as much as our sad/feelings low inactivate others around us .stock-photo-54558904-senior-indian-couple

At times , particularly , the low phase of life – when we feel bad due to an unwelcome situation, loss of something , humiliation, our failures, break up of a relation or on any emotive issues & some how we get out of that phase after loosing considerable amount of time ignoring a lot of vital happy moments – only to realize later that , what was gone, in between – raises a pertinent question : Did we deserve that phase or it could have been better managed emotionally !

Our Feelings are very essential part of our life , for our growth, survival, relations, social well being . Feelings take us to ” More Life “

      When we listen to our feelings & also to others feelings , sensitively tuning in , many of our psychological & social problems may be lessened .when we get to know how we feel we some times do not know how to accept or move with it : Accepting or staying with our feelings , is to listening to ourselves . Some times we want to express our feelings to others to get some solace but it must be accepted that – not every one will hear to us or be interested in our emotions because people react differently . Some people always feel intensely , a slightest unwelcome situation can make them feel strongly while others may feel it differently , lightly , easily .is (6)       

How do we cope with a different set of feelings that keep us disturbed, inactive, gloomy & come out of that mental upheavals as soon as possible for creative purposes , is the basic question .

Are our feelings – good or bad , dependent on our beliefs , culture , background, education ? Yes – to a large extent .

The way we think decides the way we feel.In fact our emotional lives are the result of the beliefs, experiences, we have internalized .

Are the factors for our feelings- intuitive or real ? A past experience that made us feel bad years back , can always trigger in us the same reactive , fearful thought , even though it is actually not true now . For example : a rude behavior by an adult son to his old father many months back , may remind & insinuate the father to feel the -” repeat feel ” . Such feelings should not be allowed to dictate our thoughts, as they may not be existing at all.

We are never made to learn , mostly , how to relate to our emotions : so we should make our own way through – :

Self Belief :  when feeling very low , worried for any thing or any situation , First thing to do is to – believe in your self . It may at times , sounds harder but this really helps .To do that it is to be reinforced in mind that ” I will not succumb to this phase & will not allow it to take more space or time in my mind or heart ” while accepting that aching feeling as “OK” . Alternatively : Close your eyes & look inward silently , give a name to your feeling, if it is named ” Hurt ” – say to yourself ” I am ignoring this & moving on …”

Accepting it as Transitory :  Accepting the sad feelings as it is , is fine but knowing that this feeling will also go away , is the key . Nothing stays , nor will this situation !                  Listen to music , take to writing or drawing , take a walk or nap , some stressed out professionals have already taken to basic drawing like their kids do .

Learn to Let go – forgive fast :     Perturbed & Hurt by people actions & reactions ? Better to let go things , forget it as soon as possible & try a forgiving to the person made you hurt.Never cling to : Why & What – happened, said , did , to you . Feel Fresh & Released .

Rope into Almighty  : 10367338-hands-raised-up-to-supplicate-the-almighty (1)  Some situations are very different & complex forcing us to feel strongly . At times people take shelter in leaving every thing to Almighty’s will . Believing that He(God) controls every thing including our thoughts , feelings, our highs & lows of feelings as well , goes a long way , as a tool to combat the hardcore type feelings before it slips into a Depressive behavior  . Roping into God for good or bad situations equally, also makes inroads to our sense of spiritualism .

The fact of the matter is to differentiate which Feelings to cling on to & which to avoid , assuming that all our feelings are a Mixed Blessing .

Few people exhibit a New sense of love , a strong character , a maturity to responsibilities, a wisdom to anger , a sensibility to sufferings & an infectious happiness . They teach us how our life can glow , how our sufferings can evolve and lead us to fullness of Being !

Let us ask ourselves the question :   How our feelings can be consciously made more refined , How can we make a difference to make our feelings welcome from unwelcome stage , How our feelings can be ” less sticky ” , How would our management of emotions carry us forward to a happy & more vital life experiences .






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  2. Swati satpathy · March 14, 2016

    Life begins with feelings and remain till the end of life.u have very beautifully described its role in ones life. Writing is excellent n hope to see more writings on the philosophy of life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Springstart@life : Kamakhya · March 14, 2016

    Thank you swati , yes our feelings will stay with us till the end , how we perceive them makes all the difference in our Life .


  4. Anil satpathy · March 24, 2016

    Very heart touching.This is is the fact of our life. We have to move ahead.
    I can add one thing about GOD almighty
    Why Fear when he is here? Place your faith in him. He will guide you and guard you also.
    Thanks for sharing nice article.
    Stay blessed…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Springstart@life : Kamakhya · March 24, 2016

      What we think that we feel ..Yes Roping into Almighty for every thing good or bad nothing but surrendering to him ..true , why fear when he is here . Thank You


  5. Shadeau · June 23, 2016

    I absolutely LOVE the phrase “Rope into God”!!! YES!!!


    • Springstart@life : Kamakhya · June 24, 2016

      Who else than Him! He alone loves us , knows us better.Thanks a bunch.I like your poems too.. Thanks a bunch😃


      • Shadeau · June 24, 2016

        We always hear that He is our “anchor”–but your phrase is wonderfully fresh and just blesses me!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Springstart@life : Kamakhya · June 24, 2016

    Thank you,, many a times just surrendering to the Anchor,everything happening in our life solace n may be that is the true course of action! Thank you .


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