In the chilling winter
he was feeling the heat
inside, deep inside the heart
amidst his own people
he was searching him
is he labelled worthless!
if it is not hypocrisy,  
what must be then..

He wanted to say,
to be listened to,too 
they were not amused,
he craved to reach out
with warmth,
warmth was not returned
in exchange,
in true measure
but he too wants to be loved

why he is like this?
but he is like this.

In the drizzling rain
near shore drenched in grief
he could feel the waves
touching his toes
retreating to sea 
looking like they retreating,
from him 
but could not feel 
whether it was tears or rain.

A rancour in the eyes,
melancholy piercing his heart
he went on to think :
is my simplicity to blame,
is my less fortune to curse,
is my ignorance to pretensions,
my biggest enemy,
my weakest link !
till he met the man
who said : 
Let them be they 
you be, as you are 
for the father, up in the Air,
knows who is fair, who is rare. 


  1. Newswire · April 6, 2016

    I really like this poetry! Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Just followed you

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  2. misggrace · April 18, 2016

    I love this… The father above knows who is fair and who is rare… i like your poems…

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  3. somawrites · June 7, 2016


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  4. Springstart@life : Kamakhya · June 12, 2016

    Reblogged this on thenewleaf2016 and commented:

    simplicity is a nice beautiful thing , needs to be loved,respected & treasured !

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  5. krishna prakash jena · June 12, 2016

    The poem is beautiful…


  6. richardjh3 · June 16, 2016

    I think you have captured the feelings that many people are dealing with every day. As you mentioned, in the end the father knows. Bravo๐Ÿ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Springstart@life : Kamakhya · June 16, 2016

      Thank you Richard, a simple soul goes through a lot of heartaches in this complex world , the way people treat him,take him for granted! silver line..yeah.. the supreme father knows who he really is . Blessings.


  7. ans · June 16, 2016


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  8. Shadeau · June 23, 2016

    This is marvelous–you have a unique writing voice.


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