They may not know 
but you definitely know,
You have treasured 
these moments
deep inside your soul.

When You uttered 
your first word..Hmmmm
as a baby,
your mother embracing you

When You are first admonished 
by that primary teacher,
only to hug you a moment later.

When you found your first love
in that neighborhood girl,
making you fly with your dreams

When you brought first laurel 
to your father,
moistening his eyes with joy.

When you heard the first cry 
of your baby 
from the hospital corridor,
making you feel 
the sudden change in status 
... a proud father.

When you became old,
restless, sick
your best buddy ..your wife
loving you that much
unconditionally as before.

Priceless Moments.
can you measure the price ! 
leave alone paying it 
can there ever be any price 
for the love,care,affection
in our lives?

Never.Never Ever.


  1. BN Acharya · March 25, 2016

    Excellent rendering through words. There are lot of things which money can’t pay. Hence priceless.


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