what it meant



i did not say NO,
does it mean that,
i agreed to what you said?
i could not say,
" i love you too"
does it mean that,
i did not love you then?
i went on expecting,
others to be nice and appreciative,
to me!
does it mean that,
i did not hold my ego to my chest?
i kept on harping,
i don't want name,fame,money...
does it mean that,
i did not want anything,really?
i went on braving a smile,
does it mean that,
i did not cry,silently,alone?
conscious but ignorant,
i went on searching for peace,
does it mean that,
i did not know where it lies?
....in universality of love?


  1. Misggrace · May 28

    We can’t really be 100% certain about reasons behind people decision to do or not to do. There will always be more intentions than we know exist in each persons complex mind and we can only know if the truthfully and bravely tell us. I like your posts Kamakhya šŸ˜„šŸ˜„

    I don’t know what the resolution to this would be but then.. we owe it to ourselves to with hold hasty judgements and conclusion…. there could be more šŸ‘ŒšŸ˜Š

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    • Many a times we don’t become..the real WE , either by suppressing our true urges or just wilfully ignoring the reasons to make us truly happy (for short term gratifications) .Net result is ..a void within, aspiring to get solace but far away from it.Universality of love can be a panacea for a sustainable happy life . Thank you Grace for your lovely comment n liking my posts, God bless.

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  2. Aki · May 29

    amazing… it is fact that people start thinking you like a robot when you become good with them.. they talk according to their needs they be with you because of their personal needs… but they forget what you want or like to do.. that’s a great post .

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    • Life goes on but how it goes..thatz counts.Either ,at times,we r taken for a ride or we go on suppressing our true callings of our heart,coupled with our indifference to search the real reasons for making us happy. Thank you for reading n sharing your nice thoughts.


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  4. mySestina · May 30

    i just loved the way you expressed the helplessness here… i can relate a lot to your poem.. lovely

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    • Thank you jigyasaji for reading, either we supress or ignore, at times , conscious but ignorant fail to hit the right source! Life goes on but how life goes, all that counts.

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  5. R 'I' P · May 30

    Lovely poem šŸ™‚


  6. Nikhil · June 4


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