Rain , Rain..Come Again


the bright sky disappeared
making way for the black thick clouds
to radiate their warmth
the cool breeze said it all
putting a brake on my disturbed thoughts
trees started dancing with joy
as if waving their hands
welcoming the imminent
heralding the rain!
the dance of drizzling rain
started emptying people from the streets
all moving here and there
for a shelter
the undiscovered road side sheds suddenly discovered
and found their worth!
people adjusting their spaces
looked like a sight of peaceful co-existence
a glimpse of mutual love and bonhomie 
though transitory
the sweet aroma of soil in contact with rain
filled the air with the earthy fragrance
people indoors behind the windows overlooking rain
looked like 'prisoners of rain'from outside
two people walking on the road
with one umbrella on their heads
made me imagine the coziness 
as if walking with my love by my side!
deliberately i came out of my house
to the open
to enjoy the rain
to get wet
i looked at the sky
from where it was dropping down
drenched from head to toes
i felt like 
downpour of blessings by HIM 
cleansing my body and soul 
i loved my old mother saying
" come inside, don't get wet,you will get cold and fever"
even now!
while making paper boat for my daughter
i wanted to have one for me 
i wanted to jump on the puddles
the child in me whispering...
rain rain 
don't go away 
come again  come again!


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  1. Infinite Living · August 4, 2018

    How precious to have the child in us alive this way, wanting to walk out in the rain and play, and also to have the experience of adult years – so we know how truly precious this is!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Springstart@life : Kamakhya · August 4, 2018

      Yes , to feel a child in an adult …a lovely way to know the life in its prospective! Fact remains that the child is ever present but some how faces road blocks to come out & play ! The confluence of wisdom ( of experience) & the nostalgia ( child like) sometimes such a wonderful thing to happen !
      Thank you Pragalbha for the lovely take on this .

      Liked by 1 person

      • Infinite Living · August 4, 2018

        Very true what you say and indeed a wonderful thing to happen. My pleasure reading and reflecting.

        Liked by 1 person

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