the sky maintained

a  stoic silence

may be it is adept in it

like you?

the falling raindrops

outside my room,

brought me near to you today

a whirlpool of warmth and fondness,

fantasy and passion

nostalgia and hope

even a shiver,

all assembled to witness what next,

the heart dance to the tuning

of  torrential rains,

expectancy of  sprouting of new leaves,

on a bald tree.

the cold winds made me talk to you

you said

you liked the coral reefs under water

i said

you would find it inside my longing heart,

that has not gone dry over the years,

if  you delve a little deeper

you see

long distance was not an issue

the distance was never ever

long for me!




Image Credit : Google



  1. Infinite Living · September 19, 2018

    So beautiful truly. Can feel the longing.

    Liked by 1 person

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