absconding happiness
it was right there
few days back, even few minutes
variations in contours
of mental plane
the unpredictable ritcher scale
upheavals of fears
hallucinations of paranoia
failure of perceptions
to search the genesis
or a disproportionate craving
to get hold of it, any how
the smiling hibiscus of windy morning,
don't know
how stays happy, all along
multitude of invasions
in heart and mind, unabated
simplicity and a discounted ego
minus orchestrated overthinking,
may bring many a lighter shades
to the complex cloistered
canvas of life
or self love with a tinge
of forgiveness, let go
may clear the logjam of vicious cycle
universality of love
among the siblings of HIM,
transcending the narrow boundaries
may illuminate the tunnel
of ignorance
for a lovely
easy ride !



  1. ESP · March 29, 2019

    this is wise advice, minus orchestrated overthinking.

    Liked by 1 person

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