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a plethora of voices

each setting its spectrum

noises intermittent

many unnecessary but inescapable

the statues of future,

of  fear greed success failure,

self made,

dancing right before the mind

with the future being consumed,  now.

all  i  wanted,

a few moments of  nothingness

to keep the ever engaging mind at bay

a forest stay ,  away from this world of attachments,

a trail of seclusion scouting for those

precious moments .

meditation or without or beyond

internal silence is an inside job


a deliberate mission for a higher conversation ,

is  all about knowing the truth

and unknowing the attachments ,

manifested in fear greed ego,

successes or  failures


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  1. thoughtsnlifeblog · May 1, 2019


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  2. Thank you Bella


  3. ESP · May 6, 2019

    a few moments of nothingness, sounds so achievable if only we paused.

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