Oh! My Mood


tranquility of early morning 
smiling leaves
with shining dew
dancing with cool breeze
the agile,chirping birds,
flying high
making the most of the new sunshine
bells ringing
from the place of worship,nearby
my non-controversial mood
as pleasant as the first morning tea,
a big thank you God
for the fresh new day
9'o clock sun rays 
entering my balcony,unopposed
as if it must pass through
this gateway
before it goes to world
tilting the scale of my mood,
setting in.
a zig-zag mood graph of workplace,
a disproportionate happiness,
a cocktail of moods,
short lived bubbles
evaporating with each depleting 
work hour!
evening music
cool winds
kids playing ,carefree
i play with my octogenarian mother
oh my mood! 
now irritable,next romantic
then gloomy ,now happy,excited 
my inscrutable mood swings!
are they,
i wonder
the results of,
my reacting to situations
my neurotransmitter
or my sleep intake
effects of color,music,light
my jealousy,my hatred or paranoia
my pains and aloneness
or someone's else sourced to me,
an aura of guilt shrinking being me!
my realization of equanimity
of present,past,future
or meditation,paving the way for Nirvana,
i don't know
inexplicable for me
my moods are "me"
good or bad,
as varied as rich as 
my beliefs,values,dreams.


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the long,
never ending looking road,
a reinforced perception,
that it goes on..
a mirage 
a blurred vision,
for it has an end,
the crossroads and junctions
reaching the inaccessible terrain of dead ends
tired traveler of life,
en route upheavals,potholes 
oscillating between ups and downs,
survival of fittest 
and manifestation of 'I' syndromes.
the stopovers and signals,
on the way,
suggesting in low voice,
to slow a bit down,
falling on deaf conscious. 
frightened mortals,
see the falling down of ripen fruits,
dry leafs off the trees on the road side.
at the fag end of journey
or days before that 
he thought 
why he ran after the matter,estates 
why he soured relationship,
inflicted pains,
invested in ego
fell short of loving the co-travelers on the way
why years passed,
under the influence of delusion
and attachments,
all alone, tears of remorse
falling down silently, looking at the open sky,
the only source of strength and hope now
while on the run,
he thought,
why being in a hurry
still a long way to go ...
a paradoxical journey,
the purpose of life
the eternal bliss,liberation from recurring pains,
safely buried under the distractions of ignorance!
the eternal light,
be the guide all along the way,
before the day light,
the twilight,
meet the nightfall!


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sing a song

sing a song 
for self,
lost the rhythm ?  
the rhythm of repose,
that is lost years back!
amidst burgeoning
struggles for life
practising selfishness,
profligacy all along...
in any case,
sing a song now
bleaching your mind
removing the remnant
and complexities of heart
with a head held high
sing it aloud
thinking beyond self!
sing a song of empathy,kindness
and of hope,
in praise of God,
for a buoyant rendition. 

who you made happy today !

is (8)
rustle bustle of life,
and 'in betweens'of daily chores..
the travel,
the workloads,
the long calls or web engagements
the lift,
the dine out,
the groceries,
the socialization,
the responsibilities,
the wave of solitude,
the mood swings,
the trials and tribulations,
from Good Morning to Good Night...
routine repeats..
and opportunities of goodness lost,
a pat on liftman's shoulder,
and a happy spark in his face,
for all to see!
a sweet smile for the laundry man,
or the security guard,
...a world of joy, in the air 
a little time 
for the unknown octogenarian lady,
a stream of blessings,simply to feel.. 
a generous tip,
a hand holding for crossing the road,
a caring word,
a loving gaze or/and little food,
to those unprivileged...
men women animals or plants! 
love breeds love,
happiness infects the world,
care for others means saving for a future,
being cared for! 
the art of reading their hearts,
the science of spreading happiness quotient,
and the contentment within!
by the way..
who you made happy today?
is (9)


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the decisions 
already taken,
to return a smile 
or not 
to talk a little more 
or not 
to show the empathy or not 
to make feel the love or not 
to be 'the you' or not,
predetermined exhibitions,
dictated by the pride
of anything,something,wrong thing
or the inhibitions
for the fear of loosing the worth,
overvaluing the net worth!
heart made of quartz
or potholes in heart 
the layers of ego fear complexity,
even goodness, all in the subconscious,
having turned into a knot
by this time now 
the agents to unfasten,
the insight and the perseverance,
in the lumber room of ignorance
if ego can go to the mortuary 
if pride can go for a walk 
the freesia of humility and love
can walk into the lives! 


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i do remember 
what you had said 
' time heals
and it will'
not that 
i never tried to sleep 
the whole night conversation 
with the self 
somehow continued for long 
with the depleting candle of time
by my bedside
between the last fag end of nightfall,
sinking darkness
and arrival of early morning light,
cruising ahead of darkness,
the aurora 
promised me dreams
only to be 
nullified by sunup! 


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Alone in the wild


serenity and solitude,
sorround  me,
the sounds of bush cricket,
the dead dry leaves,
the breeze driven branches,
the dark night and growling,
or sounds of cuckoo,
butterfly and bees...
.. my companions.
i see my growing,
graduating from bud to flower,
my blooming and dying alone!
no body to endear! 
never to be enamoured! 
like some of you in the plains,
with your own people,
as good as without them! 
alone, overlooked,not appreciated,
for who you are! 
but then God knows,
what is best for me or you,
in the wild or in the plains!


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