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a plethora of voices

each setting its spectrum

noises intermittent

many unnecessary but inescapable

the statues of future,

of  fear greed success failure,

self made,

dancing right before the mind

with the future being consumed,  now.

all  i  wanted,

a few moments of  nothingness

to keep the ever engaging mind at bay

a forest stay ,  away from this world of attachments,

a trail of seclusion scouting for those

precious moments .

meditation or without or beyond

internal silence is an inside job


a deliberate mission for a higher conversation ,

is  all about knowing the truth

and unknowing the attachments ,

manifested in fear greed ego,

successes or  failures


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Dear Mind


the horizon is not fixed 
the assortment of layers
sprinting from the mould of subconscious
to the mound of hidden subtle thoughts
biased or unbiased
rich or trivial 
the cruise encompassing from here to there
from least to most
from mundane to surrealism 
from the transparent ambience of heart
to knoll of inflictions or judgements 
Or in between, the patch of 
if you are with me now
the next moment you accompany me
to them or there,dissecting everything
forming the cocoon of my behaviors!
at times I wonder
who controls you
are you auto-controlled!
or it is my wisdom or ignorance
my background,my persuasion,
my being prone to hypnosis around
or my neurotransmitter
I once thought to bring a rope
to chain you in a corner
unplugging from the main socket,
only to invite a stinking darkness
go wherever you want
no curb on your freedom
but just a request 
change your direction,may it mean a misdirection
towards the pinnacle of positivity,love
leaving the tracks of hatred,ignorance or fear
far behind 
for the endorphins of goodness,
brainwashing,persuading all that come in between
for you make my day
perhaps you make me what I am!


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Odd times

Don't know why 
a symphony of flashbacks,
a picturesque autumn
pervading the mind,
in scorching heat of summer,
knocks the door at odd times

tears beneath the brave postures,
guilt amidst the justifications,
knock the door at odd times

a vacuity
fills the heart at odd times
a pining to find the lost,
aches at odd times!



Unexplored fantasies

at the crossroads

of surging blue floodgates ,

the enthusiastic euphoria , fury

get pacified

by retreating tidal waves,

slow , calm serenity

in the moonlit unmanned

vast sand corridor of night,

the gigantic canvas pulling

the strings of identity, rationality .

darkness of intellect

or insufficiency of objectives

who knows

what was that

a mirage of desert

or a rainbow

post torrential rain !


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You see i am unable to muster strength
with rashes in heart
and a raucous mind,
my companion.
the confines of scarry
solitary nights
still give rise to dream
the dream of layout of our future
once your cynosure
now needs a ferry
to reach the bedrock point,
of our togetherness
the hinge is missing somewhere
in the darkness of(mis) understanding,
i could still dream.
the lantern in your hand
searching the hinge
with me, together 
to ward off the abyss of murkiness,
or with you,there?


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the dried stream 
was once full of life
flora and fauna all around
the dry leaf was once green
not flying here and there
with a provocative gush of wind
the wrinkles were once firm
reinforcing the ego of immortality
the futility of their resistance
to change
irreversibility of physical change
thank God
mental change is reversible
a mind conditioned,
to sway of likes and dislikes
enslaved to addictions
of anger jealousy greed
proliferating a set of actions
and the boomerang chequered
joy or sorrow
happiness or unhappiness
..all to manifest
all around 
a swirling pattern
of living the life
based on the circumvention
of song of likes and dislikes
miles away from equanimity
or liberation
staying firm
in abidance of one's duty
and devotion
Paves the way for repose
a respite in mind
a state of mind
of nothing much
or nothing less
is it steadfastness
in duty,devotion
or right attitude,vision?
a change from within?
a big Yes!

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the air did not stop flowing 
morning newspaper
delivered in time
the sanitary napkin was in place
household chores
faced no disruptions
they did talk
bereft of warmth,of course,
cosmetic pleasantries
the shivering emptiness
still sounds louder.

Sun embraced balcony unopposed,
a routine camaraderie
the day played its role,
a cocktail mosaic
of screenshots
Of anger frustration
glances of excitement
a burst of laughter,
rare, abrupt
the shivering emptiness
still sounds louder.

Expressions blossomed
at times,
stack of subdued suppressed ones
absorbed in black cupboards,
deaf and dumb
as if must be protected
in deep chamber
against all the risks
all the times
the shivering emptiness
still sounds louder.


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