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the aurora fades
with earth’s  sunbath
impermanence  cruises
ahead of  colors of life
memories stay back
with a lesson or two
wrinkles sometimes
don’t speak of  intrinsic maturity
death  has  many  followers in living beings
with  an  uncertain following path
if  fake smiles are not caught in camera
it hardly proves
the smiles disseminated  warmth
what is obscure
when the moon is out
to universalize the warmth
with myriad rays of  solace and love
pregnancy of little rationality
is  better than  a  teeming ignorant fellows.
knowing  is  living
dying unknowingly  is  a  loss !



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even after the scorching heat of hurt

of the day

when the moon stares at me

in the midnight

and  smilingly asks about you

tell me

how can  i  say

you have gone for a long walk

late in the night

when the other day the nimbus offered  help

to soothe the stagnation in our relationship

i told him

thanks , some other day

let the anesthesia effects be over

when i know

how much you long for your soulmate

silently, alone

why the armada of anxiety  fear of loss

loneliness and pain

be stationed  in  or  around  our houses

or hearts!




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the rain is over
leaving the coolant effects
black thick clouds gone
clearer blue sky now
cool earth
happy sun ready 
to deliver light to life 
rejuvenated flora and fauna
no more lightning
no incessant thundering 
or contingent fears
what is the problem now
mind's equanimity still a miss
recurring anxieties pains paranoia 
have come back to the cycle
from the hideouts
to unleash the fury again
the evil spirit
refuses to vacate the abandoned house
the departing fulfilled greed,
has passed on the baton
to others, of same genre,
in waiting, in serpentine queue
the propensity to break away,
reinforces a passion for dispassion,
an uphill task, a slippery ground 
while the wait is for 
another forecast of soothing rain
or maturing of next greed
the creator waits for 
a surrendering of soul,
a dismantled doership,
an authoritarian I ! 


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to say this unhappiness
was built over months,years
will be like pondering
why everything was not right
why amidst plenty
the poverty of happiness
engulfing lives!
making a perfect cocktail
matter ruling life
purpose, clarity sidelined 
pleasurable zones,the often visited destination
for every action
scouting for benefits
selfish in flavour
miles away from compassion,kindness
or forgivingness
to say that happiness is an inside job
will be like reinforcing 
complete renunciation 
may not be the panacea
for in making others happy
leaving behind footprints in the sands of hearts
lies the key 
in forging a new bond with the source(HIM)
lies the bliss
true one!
to say that you and me 
will not realize this 
will be like asking,
if not now 
then when and how!


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And after few hours 
i thought 
why i did not listen to my inner callings
the white lily in the pond
submerged in water
head held high
an assertive beauty
with embracing petals,
had whispered,be the you,you are
the old man with umbrella 
on the road,walking thinking,
tried to revisit the memory lanes
what he had left behind
age and past apart,
the unsubstituted ego, malevolence 
the boiling blood 
dissolving all the tenderness then
a dog frantically searching the remnant food
from the dustbin
for survival
the impoverished child 
waiting for liberation 
from the scourge of negligence,indifference
in a corner of road 
few unenlightened pompous people
discussing the scriptures loudly
showcasing their superiority of closeness
to HIM 
lot of prescriptions
lot more of omissions
i obeyed the traffic rules today
but disobeyed the rules of humanity
i took more time to sleep
late in the night
awake but eyes closed 
trying to tide over
the abstract waves,
the confluence  of yes and no 
the new sun will come tomorrow
but how different it will be 
i don't know 


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prolonged life,
darkness of ignorance!
the gleam of discernment
a distant thin crescent
clutches of ego
shadows of matter
delusion of pleasures
a cloistered life hutch 
death of realization
knocks every now and then
absconding light
in the midst of a full-blown sun
soul cries over body's actions,
vacillation of mind,
truth laughs 
at the ' me and my benefits boundary walls'
love does not love
the blindness of hearts
closed eyes 
and the aura of darkness,
consciously unconscious
to open the eyes
close the "I"? 


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What it meant


I did not say NO 
does it mean that 
i agreed to what you said?
i could not say
" i love you too"
does it mean that 
i did not love you then?
i went on expecting,
others to be nice,empathetic,appreciative
to me 
does it mean that 
i did not hold my ego to my chest,
ignoring their feelings too?
i kept on harping,
i don't want name,fame,money
does it mean that 
i did not want anything,really?
i went on braving a smile
does it mean that 
i did not cry,silently alone?
i saw the faults with them,instantly,
throwing my satirical venom generously,
does it mean that 
i was never to be blamed?
i went on saying,
how much i have read,
how close i am to God,
happy about the paraphernalia,
propogated charity or kindness 
though with a plethora of ungodly thoughts,
and opposite actions
does it mean that 
i did not know the simple truth 
what God loves most,
shedding my ignorance and boastful displays?
conscious but ignorant,
i went on searching for peace  
does it mean that 
i did not know,
where it lies,
in universality of love?


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