the dried stream 
was once full of life
flora and fauna all around
the dry leaf was once green
not flying here and there
with a provocative gush of wind
the wrinkles were once firm
reinforcing the ego of immortality
the futility of their resistance
to change
irreversibility of physical change
thank God
mental change is reversible
a mind conditioned,
to sway of likes and dislikes
enslaved to addictions
of anger jealousy greed
proliferating a set of actions
and the boomerang chequered
joy or sorrow
happiness or unhappiness
..all to manifest
all around 
a swirling pattern
of living the life
based on the circumvention
of song of likes and dislikes
miles away from equanimity
or liberation
staying firm
in abidance of one's duty
and devotion
Paves the way for repose
a respite in mind
a state of mind
of nothing much
or nothing less
is it steadfastness
in duty,devotion
or right attitude,vision?
a change from within
a big Yes!




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the emptiness
amidst fullness
intrinsic uneasiness
when everything 
seems to be in place
those insecurities 
of varied textures
cropping up from hideouts
the cycle of fear
with genesis of anxieties
plethora of 'what ifs'
pangs of heart and mind 
a paradoxical journey 
I asked them, the other day
these undercurrents
the dilemma and vicissitudes
those intrusive friends,
why must you be 
in the vicinity
to play the hide and seek 
with the subconscious 
and how long 
listen, said they 
as long as 
you hold on to the I-consciousness
than God-consciousness 
duality than non-duality
misplaced identity
than knowing you,yourself
as long as 
you fly high your sole sojourn
fuelled by ego attachments ignorance
driven by inundating greed for matter
bereft of love and compassion 
that too in inverse direction
the placebo,said they 
is to use a parachute
to be down to earth
and walk
on a path of spreading love
universal in flavour,
rising above the duality,
transcending towards a summit 
of collective consciouness


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depleting stock

every other day

breached threshold

with a slightest provocation

irritability galore

afflicted mind and heart

and the first casualty,

the loss of patience

when the gain would have meant,

the gateway to peace

a mutinous mind,

disregarding  your tranquilizing effect

even when the misfortunes

would have turned into fortunes

anger  hostility hatred

would have converted into

love brotherhood and forgiveness,

with you by my side

no, no

you are not to be interpreted

as passive endurance,a blind fate

but a source of enough farsightedness

to trust the end result

just like

looking at black clouds

and feeling the rains

Oh my  peerless friend!

don’t leave me like this

come back

fill my heart coffer

to make me feel

the love kindness empathy around,

the metamorphosis within,

a paradise in waiting

for  i  am  nothing  without you !




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my,mytime aloneness
in quiet midnight 
the tired world sleeps
a transitory stillness 
the siren of ambulance
outside, on the empty road,
brings me a shiver,
vulnerability of my living
shedded leaves of fall
out side my window,
 the bald trees in grief,
eagerly wait for a springstart 
my longing heart 
still searches your silhouette 
behind the draperies,
in the blank white walls,
or in the overhead ceiling
butterflies play hide and seek
in the middle of night
an aura of guilt
somehow hovers near me
as i dissect the then,
possible permutations 
and combinations 
i know 
you will come 
tomorrow, same time 
i will ask you then
when the overcast sky 
will blow away 
for a sunny bright day 
when will i see you 
other than in my lyricism!


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the sky maintained

a  stoic silence

may be it is adept in it

like you?

the falling raindrops

outside my room,

brought me near to you today

a whirlpool of warmth and fondness,

fantasy and passion

nostalgia and hope

even a shiver,

all assembled to witness what next…

the heart dance to the tuning

of  torrential rains,

expectancy of  sprouting of new leaves,

on a bald tree

the cold winds made me talk to you

you said

you liked the coral reefs under water

i said

you would find it inside my longing heart,

that has not gone dry over the years,

if  you delve a little deeper

you see

long distance was not an issue

the distance was never ever

long for me!




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the undercurrent 
always at work
the agitation of mind 
refusing to pause
as if human worries are unlimited
like wants
calmness of mind,
a distant dream.
the distant dream is hardly coveted,
coveted is the materialism
the love for greed 
the patronage of ego,
the ego erasing wisdom
or righteousness 
and the inner callings,
paving the way for unforgivingness
putting ' I' on the pedestal of ignorance
acting as hands in glove for hatred 
the hatred makes sure 
to bury the love 
the love is not possible 
for incessant inside  disgruntlement! 
what a platter! 
a hobson's choice 
or no choice 
i prayed for me 
and you all
for that elusive calmness
to return reinvented!


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a  mental plane,

bereft of  serenity

unabated internal conversations

with the shadow of self,

a fruition of  a fusion of  self made thoughts,

of  present , past ,future

of  fear , jealousy , paranoia

or excitement ,anxiety , transitory happiness

and sorrow

the loquacity of  a  protagonist mind ,

refusing to pause

a little calmness always a miss

amidst continuous throbbing vibrations

of  a talking another ‘ me’

no matter whether the outside world,

is there with me or not

the crowd of gyrated self conversations,

always at work

i said to the crowd

to pave the way for tranquility

to enable me to realize

the less is more

to lead me towards a conversation

full of  intoxication of love,compassion,

peace and divinity




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