the warmth of your memory

in the chilling wintry night,

en route the fleece blanket

and flying flashbacks,

frozen fantasies,

dilapidated hopes !

the dissected possibilities ,

why always take U turn,

i fail to comprehend

amidst profusion of silence

every where , outside in the foggy night

or floating snowflakes inside my room

just like the laconic photo frame,

on the wall , unmoved ,unperturbed

i wish it could blink and talk a little

i walked up to the mist clad glass window,

to write our names on it ,

to see through

the singing birds near the edelweiss



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dark night sailing 
in the violent sea
sharks of ego 
and 'me and my benefits' boundary wall
pirates of peace
tides of pain and rejection
shivering winds of malnourished hearts
a sense of complete incompleteness
consciously unconscious!
everything in the middle of larynx
difficult to shallow
the whitewashed wall will show
the cracks of unperceived truth
today or tomorrow 
the crescendo of misery 
unbearable now
roadblocks of fear
fear of being a maverick! 
thank God 
sighted is a lighthouse!
emitting the light of Almighty
rays of universal love
overdrive is looking inward
did we?   

Happy New Year 


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amidst snowflakes,

lore corroborated ,

season’s elations ,

flurry of  wintry excitements,

my disquieting mind,

filled with an ensnaring joy,

craved to find you , by my side

where are you

in  the droplets of misty morning

or in the darkness of stormy night,

in the glittering illuminations, every where outside

or in the soundless sound of painful solitude,

inside my room.

in the smiles of  the unprivileged

or in the woes in the deep swollen eyes

of destitute on the street

in the poverty of happiness

or in those pristine happiness in poverty

in my loving the ubiquitous love

my being reason for their joy,

my embracing the oneness,

in my abdicating the waves of ego

or in my seeing you within me,

surrendering to the omnipresence

no matter whether today’s shimmering glee,

be there  or not tomorrow,

i  inhaled your presence,

a festive rendezvous,

your shadow following me !


Merry  Christmas



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Why should you

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the moon light may play

hide and seek,

hiding behind the black clouds

why should you

the soundless sound

and the aura of emptiness

may have managed to stay back

in my room or foyer

the loneliness and pains

may have lied to be OK

why should you

people may say and forget

what they had said

the crowd may misunderstand

the congestion in my heart

why should you

the snowfall

might have buried everything,

under it’s way

why should you!



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not that
the puzzled mind
never experienced the spark,
the waves of wisdom and truth
passing through the sub-conscious,at times
the abrupt lightning  in the dark rainy night,
illuminating all around, amidst thick black clouds
but  i  let the waves go, unused,
silently through my window
with layers of matter,transitory happiness,lies
and ignorance,
covering my inner eyes
loads of self-styled justifications
making me retreat,
just from the facade of golden gate of bliss
who will tell whom
when i forgot my identity
everything else now  is a profanity,
a  superficial revolution!
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the aurora fades
with earth’s  sunbath
impermanence  cruises
ahead of  colors of life
memories stay back
with a lesson or two
wrinkles sometimes
don’t speak of  intrinsic maturity
death  has  many  followers in living beings
with  an  uncertain following path
if  fake smiles are not caught in camera
it hardly proves
the smiles disseminated  warmth
what is obscure
when the moon is out
to universalize the warmth
with myriad rays of  solace and love
pregnancy of little rationality
is  better than  a  teeming ignorant fellows.
knowing  is  living
dying unknowingly  is  a  loss !



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