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If nothing has happened 
why something is still there
the confluence of whys
now and then 
making waves 
at times,violent 
the graphic equalizer of heart 
making too much buzz 
with the musings of hatred 
the strings of unforgiveness 
rising up, as never before 
if sometimes 
the soothing breeze before the rain
promises positivity 
some other times 
the intense humidity of mind 
sends those promises 
back to the farthest yard of heart 
a vagary of climate change 
for the heart and mind 
something in the middle of larynx
difficult to dissolve 
in the world of concretes 
with edifices of ego pride scornfulness
searching the hearts of wax 
is a journey towards futility
if painting the self 
with the colors of ego narcissism 
and  pomposity 
is that beautiful 
then why the colors 
will not look attractive also with them 
if the tags of pride disdain
are not unstitched from the mind 
how the saplings of forgiveness and love 
be planted in heart 
the disconnect to HIS children 
will never bring the connect to HIM!

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Lost in the crowd

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millions of them
few good
some bad
many of same genre
awesome denizens
demarcation of ideologies
frenzy behaviors
nothing new
year on year 
double standards galore
the order
mediocrities idolized
cloistered minds
ignition of heart..a far cry
a fear of iconoclasm
suffocation inside
inaccessible outlets
irresistible materialism
pivoted opportunism
introspection faces many road blocks
quest for bliss
true realization
knowing the self
possibly impossible
one door still open
rays of omnipotence
scattered all around
delving free
subscriptions open 



I don't know 
whether I am there or not 
in your canvas,
I never got tired 
drawing the past 
with the crayons of our memories
moving on,never meant
looking back is a crime!
the years gone by 
may not come again
still the indelible imprints
they left behind
are enough to lubricate
the helpless heart machine
the charcoal
who knows
may be recycled 
to reproduce a flame
even now! 
if reading again the glossary   
of our conversations
re-reading the notation of love
are nothing but foolishness
then let they be!
looking at the peephole
with fortitude 
for a gleamer of self-made solace
is not at all to blame!

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the rains outside my windows
my intonation of heart 
continued to hover..
how goodness simplicity
can be the weaknesses 
how people love to treat 
you at a discount 
taking for granted 
while rudeness reticence
ego clad dispositions 
are sold at a premium 
silent malaise 
hurting crossroads
a labyrinth of human relations
rehearsing to be different
to disentangle
will mean disgrace to self love
who cares them!
I decided to laminate the goodness
for the 'ME' I am!



the proclivity 
to stay unaffected 
is nothing new 
the sufferings
the pains of people around
making no impact 
to look beyond the self 
the servitude to matter and ego 
incapacitating the consciousness 
to ignite the true nature 
of we denizens 
the so called hyperbole 
and nonchalance
do not heal people 
the passion for compassion does
how less is too less
only the inner self can answer
the indifference to them today
will only reinforce the difference 
in our well being 
accepting people as they are 
soaked in universal love
dislodging all the grudges 
makes sense
a big sense! 

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the regalia
looks inorganic 
without you 
the histrionics around
the hocus-pocus in the air 
made me crave for your presence
to tide over the hollowness within 
to revisit the gallery of togetherness
we created 
the restless cuckoo's chirp of the neighbourhood 
in the morning 
repeatedly said..
'what you are waiting for 
cross the hedge 
right now'
to recreate the mosaic left behind