stuck in emotions

unventilated  pains

in midnight prolonged silence,

i  scouted  for solace

from the multiple uneasinesses

few generic

few orchestrated  by overthinking

i opened the window

to search the shadows of happiness

and tranquility

to befriend the serene cool breeze

of dark night,

to persuade it to talk to me

to share its stories

to tell me how it remains,

lighter active

flying  moving

fresh and intelligent,

how it touches lives,

being unpretentious,


to make me believe,

when otherwise happy,

why i need  a  reason to be sad !




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when a midnight's thought
evaporates before the first ray of sun
the failed resolutions
wait for the dusk to germinate again,
only to go astray..
the process of refurbishing the self,
does not move beyond a prologue of half-heartedness,
seeing and finding the loved ones
in the faces of unknown people
in the journey of life,
being a small good samaritan of love and compassion,
for them,
takes lives closer to the sanctum
or the repository of peace.
the cacophonies of life,
now left little behind!


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the trees
standing tall,
in the dark midnight,
Know,this time will pass away,
and the sun will embrace them,
after few hours
today's pain
looking solid,
actually is in a constant flux,
when seasons change,
emotions transmute,
society transforms,
the epicenter of sufferings,
revolves around,
the propensity to cling on..
to hold on to everything,
a profusion of attachment!
seeing death all around,
disbelieving people,
don't accept 
they will die themselves 
for they see,
the transient nature,
of what they hold on to,now
for fear of future,
the end..
if hopes drive life
and faith drives hopes
letting go,
realizing everything,
simply flashes in and out,
of existence,
means a lot..
towards a summit of peace!





the decisions 
already taken,
to return a smile 
or not 
to talk a little more 
or not 
to show the empathy or not 
to make feel the love or not 
to be 'the you' or not,
predetermined exhibitions
dictated by the pride
of anything,something,wrong thing
or the inhibitions
for the fear of loosing the worth,
overvaluing the net worth!
heart made of quartz
or potholes in heart 
the layers of ego fear complexity,
even goodness, all in the subconscious,
having turned into a knot
by this time now 
the agents to unfasten,
the insight and the perseverance,
in the lumber room of ignorance
if ego can go to the mortuary 
if pride can go for a walk 
the freesia of humility and love
can walk into the lives! 


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That long silence


after the long nattering 
your abrupt silence 
made me evaluate 
where i had gone wrong
where is the scope for amendment
on my part 
questioning the answers  
and answering the questions 
i confronted  on my way
the fear of loss 
and hope for a happy comeback
engaging me all through out 
making me looking out for 
the locksmith of hope 
to unlock the deadlock
i told my heart 
to stay cool
to persevere 
it is nothing more than 
an obscure patch
may be a swing of mood 
don't know why 
this time 
the normalcy did not return
the silence taking longer
to get dismantled 
longer enough to reinstate 
the original comeback!
leaving behind 
the memento of that long silence
with me 
for ever  


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And after few hours 
i thought 
why i did not listen to my inner callings
the white lily in the pond
submerged in water
head held high
an assertive beauty
with embracing petals,
had whispered,be the you,you are
the old man with umbrella 
on the road,walking thinking,
tried to revisit the memory lanes
what he had left behind
age and past apart,
the unsubstituted ego, malevolence 
the boiling blood 
dissolving all the tenderness then
a dog frantically searching the remnant food
from the dustbin
for survival
the impoverished child 
waiting for liberation 
from the scourge of negligence,indifference
in a corner of road 
few unenlightened pompous people
discussing the scriptures loudly
showcasing their superiority of closeness
to HIM 
lot of prescriptions
lot more of omissions
i obeyed the traffic rules today
but disobeyed the rules of humanity
i took more time to sleep
late in the night
awake but eyes closed 
trying to tide over
the abstract waves,
the confluence  of yes and no 
the new sun will come tomorrow
but how different it will be 
i don't know 


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