who is there ?

behind the draperies

dark in the midnight

in the chilling rainy night

shivering intermittent thunderstorms and lightning

the lightning

the only light

showed up your laughing face

Oh my God

how can you be ‘ me’

what you are doing there

when I am inside

how can you look so happy

in the adversities

when I am writhing in pains,inside

dissecting my four walled miseries

questioning the answers

or answering the questions

are you trying to say

forgive and forget

this or that

or who did what

these graph of pains

loss and separation

transient happiness or sorrows

all lies

yes all lies

did you just say

the only truth

to know myself more

the radiant ever glowing ‘ true me’

the golden boy of HIM

the only of it’s kind

a bundle of joy love and bliss

the morning showed the day

with the smile on my face

frantically searching you

outside the window

in the new sunshine

when did you come inside my room?

may be you were with me

already  !

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facade of love
with hidden hatred inside
debris of mistrust 
soaked in nescience
amidst fidgets 
and decadence of we denizens 
the impoverished little girl
on the street
made me see my daughter 
in the mirror of my heart
reflecting the filament 
of love compassion for her 
a beacon of personification
simulated kindness 
transcending towards..
oneness of mortals
seeing my loved ones
in the unknown faces
what is new there
when mirror sees me
new is then,in mirror 
when i see my loved ones
in the unloved faces
a limpid radiance 
of universal love 
all around!



the 'I' 
stops at nothing 
always has a point to prove
desirous to compete
with everyone for everything 
one cardinal assumption
'I can't go wrong'
surfaced then 
is the collision of ego
minefield of grudges
embedded deep 
to the layers of thought process
puffed up with pride of knowledge 
materialistic ostentation
or singing own glory
even propogated charity
the life-force facing
stiff resistance from ego-force
eternal I 
into obscurity 
for I-thoughts firmly rooted 
on the pedestal of dark ignorance 
nourished by a 
' I am superior' syndrome
ever in the mind
aware though
today's death is two days
past, tomorrow 
crucifixion is a possibility 
through self-enquiry 
knowing who am I 
and surrender in psyche
for the goodness 
and godliness


Faded Rainbow

the cool breeze 
and the drizzling thereafter,
what a solace 
to the parched farm,
rekindling the tiny plants!
just the way we met
each other then
an exhilarating whirlwind,
swaying in the vacuity,
of my heart!
the sprinkling new feelings,
with wings of rainbow,
enamouring all over!
why the drizzling,
turned into torrential rains,
breaking the backbone,
of tiny plants 
don't know 
where from the storm
in our understanding surfaced,
mildewing the innocent emotions,
the rain and the wind
returned to their places
with the new sunshine,
except you..
I somehow managed,
to pass the scorching heat,
without the icebags of you,
by my side..
but how to resume a conversation,
with the twinkling stars,
of solitary nights,now?
is there any rainbow,
in the offing!
I don't know! 




the darkness has set in
before it is completely dark
the light slipping away,
from the horizon!
the painful uncertainty,
of waiting,
against a certainty of journey
the sinking confidence,
the mounting insecurities,
all started with,
the birth of wrinkles
a confluence,
of fear, anxiety, hopelessness
the so called freedom,
now in the lock up,
and individuality,
already jailed!
aching compromises..
now christened adaptability!
the stacked up tears
in the heart,
and longings,
in the deep swollen eyes,
trying to convey...
" please understand me..
the physical decline,
natural,may be a part of life,
but the moral decline,
by you all,
is not the art of life"
the living Gods,
living in obscurity
like an abandoned structure,
co-existing with new houses
I knew them long before,
in their youth
who gave everything,
to their offsprings,
who built the families,
the societies,
being the architects of values,
erudition,hopes, welfare!
or who kept everything ready,
for the posterity to enjoy 
more than they,
I want them to be loved,
understood,cared for..
for the twilight
is as universal and generic,
as life and death 
for hope against hopes
is also called hope!



 the possibilities,
 getting faded,
 each passing day,
 inching towards,
 the dead-end of death 
 billions lives
 or the intermediary zones
 only one(human) of the billions,
 endowed with special faculty,
 the knowledge!
 to reason
 to know 
 the transitory nature
 of the body or the world,
 the God-vision
 the self-realization 
 who will now wake up,
 that 'only one'
 from the slumber,
 from the darkness of ignorance,
 the clutches of ego,
 the shadows of matter,
 the delusion of pleasures!



the trees
standing tall,
in the dark midnight,
Know,this time will pass away,
and the sun will embrace them,
after few hours!
today's pain
looking solid,
actually is in a constant flux,
when seasons change,
emotions transmute,
society transforms,
the epicenter of sufferings,
revolves around,
the propensity to cling on..
to hold on to everything,
a profusion of attachment!
seeing death all around,
disbelieving people,
don't accept 
they will die themselves 
for they see,
the transient nature,
of what they hold on to,now
for fear of future,
the end..
if hopes drive life,
and faith drives hopes,
letting go,
realizing everything,
simply flashes in and out,
of existence,
means a lot..
towards a summit of peace!