the trees
standing tall,
in the dark midnight,
Know,this time will pass away,
and the sun will embrace them,
after few hours!
today's pain
looking solid,
actually is in a constant flux,
when seasons change,
emotions transmute,
society transforms,
the epicenter of sufferings,
revolves around,
the propensity to cling on..
to hold on to everything,
a profusion of attachment!
seeing death all around,
disbelieving people,
don't accept 
they will die themselves 
for they see,
the transient nature,
of what they hold on to,now
for fear of future,
the end..
if hopes drive life,
and faith drives hopes,
letting go,
realizing everything,
simply flashes in and out,
of existence,
means a lot..
towards a summit of peace!




who knows,
what is there in the heart 
a fence of mutual benefits 
or a carton full of paradoxes
or a reservoir of love,
Conditioned not,
to the vagaries of this or that 
who knows,
whether the glittering necklace,
is of gold 
or gold plated!
only to shine for the day 
the flying feather,
does not know 
where it will land!
the blizzard selfishness,
can break the window panes
of hearts! 
only to gift a recession,
that hurts..
the pamphlets in the air,
the roses in the campaign,
must not go in vain
in 'falling in love',
a fall of the self for other,
is a must 
for love is the way you are!



you see,
i am unable to muster strength
with rashes in heart,
and a raucous mind,
my companion..
the confines of scarry..
solitary nights,
still give rise to dream..
the dream of layout of our future
once your cynosure,
now needs a ferry,
to reach the bedrock point,
of our togetherness!
the hinge is missing somewhere,
in the darkness of(mis) understanding,
i could still dream..
the lantern in your hand,
searching the hinge,
with me, together! 
to ward off the abyss of murkiness,
or with you,there?

Festive Presence

amidst snowflakes, 
lore corroborated 
exhilaration galore,
my disquieting mind,
filled with an ensnaring joy,
craved to find you,
by my side,
from the flurry of excitement,
Season's elations
from the vapors of glee..
i came out to balcony,
looking at the stars
and joys all around,
i inhaled your presence,
the blooming feel-goodness! 

Merry Christmas.



the impassioned euphoria, 
the feel-good wintery dreams,
the overcast sky,
appearing like a clean slate,
blue and clear
the stereotype flummery,
sometimes irritates me,
the warmth 
as if gone for a long leave,
even in the holidays time!
and love is reserved,
for equals
or more equals
don't ask..
why not for less equals
or less privileged,
for i  have evolved like this
for years
for my benefits
i don't see the darkness,
behind the sparkling lights
on the streets,
crying faces,
with a lid of despair,
know, by this time,
how unmoved,
the brothers and sisters are
a fiasco of heart,
a zone of endangered compassion
feeling good,
with them
is a wonderful thing to do,
with a joystick of love
for the search engine of heart,
for looking out,
for the supreme light,
is nothing but a profanity!

Self searching


birth of a midnight thought,
a cognition of aloneness,
a by product of a messy hectic day,
engulfing many of my roles,
performed during the day,
as an actor in life drama!
haunting roles
a trail of being misunderstood,
a knoll of subdued emotions,
a farrago,
overpowering my 'now'
my fear 
my pain
my hatred 
or someone's else sourced to me!
believe me
this is not my original 'me'
the 'me'you saw,
is my outer surface,
covered with layers of afflictions,
manoeuvring my restless tendencies,
to meet the material or sensual objects
for the 'true me'
is love purity bliss incarnate,
the epicenter of unalloyed joy!
while searching the true me or self,
to hold on to it for ever...
hidden in the cocoon of chest chambers
or pineal gland or heart,
i thought
no matter where the self is located,
let me try withdrawing my mind and senses,
from the objects
towards a journey of spiritual consciousness,
towards a pinnacle of 'true me'
for bliss supreme that is ineffable,
before this thought is lost in to oblivion,
before another same day resumes it's work!   


the dried stream 
was once full of life
flora and fauna all around
the dry leaf was once green
not flying here and there,
with a provocative gush of wind
the wrinkles were once firm,
reinforcing the ego of immortality
the futility of their resistance,
to change!
irreversibility of physical change
thank God
mental change is reversible
a mind conditioned,
to sway of likes and dislikes,
enslaved to addictions,
of anger jealousy greed,
proliferating a set of actions,
and the boomerang chequered,
joy or sorrow
happiness or unhappiness,
for all to see,
a swirling pattern,
of living the life,
based on the circumvention,
of song of likes and dislikes,
miles away from equanimity
or liberation!
staying firm,
in abidance of one's duty
and devotion,
Paves the way for repose,
a respite in mind,
a state of mind,
of nothing much
or nothing less
is it steadfastness,
in duty,devotion,
or right attitude,vision?
a change from within!
a big Yes!