silence of silences

soundless sound

of solitude

except my friends

photo frame and lamp

midnight is now

broad day light

you know what

the dusty mementos of our love

are scattered all around

in my small room

I get choked with

the smokes from

half – burnt woods

or wounds !

tired , exhausted

the aurora of hope

my only strength ,

my virtual tendril


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i do remember 
what you had said 
' time heals
and it will'
not that 
i never tried to sleep 
the whole night conversation 
with the self 
somehow continued for long 
with the depleting candle of time
by my bedside
between the last fag end of nightfall,
sinking darkness
and arrival of early morning light,
cruising ahead of darkness,
the aurora 
promised me dreams
only to be 
nullified by sunup! 


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