Something missing 
amidst the deafening buzz
and euphoria.
The whisper whistling  despair 
and remorse,
still sneaking in.
Someone behind the drapery,
shouting at me
the black shadow of conscience,
dissecting my thoughts threadbare,
cursing the polluted chambers of heart,
deep inside 
at the epicentre of my karma(actions).
Guilt and repentance
Just entered my room,
to talk to me,
recriminating all the way
in the wintry night,
a quandary in the misty festivities, 
ephemeral glitz outside 
and the snowflakes around.
Why I did not keep a track,
I wonder
how the rising resolutions of quiet midnights to transcend,
had fallen paralysed in the new mornings,
strangulating the goodness or godliness with a rope of lust or matter.
The smiling light with embracing hands still calling me near,
to forgive,love me
asking me to replicate 
the same for others.

Merry Christmas!


Voice 2

The voices ,
Samaritan voices ,
Pristine , conscience enamoured,
at times did appear ,
radiating the abrupt spark
waving their hands from a distance,
feeble ,slow, inconsequential though ,
insinuating what to do
or not do ,
to be little kinder
little more compassionate empathetic
to love a little more ,
to others around
but only to be suppressed
by the aura of ego self-indulgence.
‘ I ‘ and ‘ why I ‘
being the circumventing force ,
the spoilers to the rainbow
or the fear of being a maverick!
butchered rationality,
even could not cry
before being buried
under the heaps of materialism,
core primitive voices
once again orphaned ,
left to strangulate themselves.
All the wisdom now inaccessible,
the goodness propaganda
already hiding some where,
deaf and dumb.
Stark ignorance amidst erudition,
is not embracing the simple truth:
All are one
and one is in All .


Image Credit : Pixabay




here goes the old saying
that compares
the self of man to the supreme
seated in a chariot
with body as chariot
intellect as charioteer
mind as reins
senses as horses
sense objects as the road the chariot is driven
the unbridled horse can drive the chariot
on a dangerous journey!
which a discriminative intellect can stop
purifying the consciousness
the intellect that discriminates 
between real and unreal
between good and pleasant
between the eternal and the ephemeral
why this conscience and wisdom 
be the monopoly of a very few!
whatever be the milieu?
for it removes the fog of ego nescience
or repulsion
leading to befriending one's true divine nature!
where one can feel the infinite self in the individual self
the infinite mind in the individual mind
the infinite consciousness in the individual consciousness
time to shed the finite individuality 
to be with the infinite being!
for the corridors of love compassion for others
the way to conscience
to be wide opened!
now is the time 
the multitude of parched hearts 
embraced the irrigation of love and conscience
and the way to right karma
hey We!
why this intransigence!
why not the hugs of conscience!