Voice 2

The voices ,
Samaritan voices ,
Pristine , conscience enamoured,
at times did appear ,
radiating the abrupt spark
waving their hands from a distance,
feeble ,slow, inconsequential though ,
insinuating what to do
or not do ,
to be little kinder
little more compassionate empathetic
to love a little more ,
to others around
but only to be suppressed
by the aura of ego self-indulgence.
‘ I ‘ and ‘ why I ‘
being the circumventing force ,
the spoilers to the rainbow
or the fear of being a maverick!
butchered rationality,
even could not cry
before being buried
under the heaps of materialism,
core primitive voices
once again orphaned ,
left to strangulate themselves.
All the wisdom now inaccessible,
the goodness propaganda
already hiding some where,
deaf and dumb.
Stark ignorance amidst erudition,
is not embracing the simple truth:
All are one
and one is in All .


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The rain is  over 
leaving the coolant effects,
every where.
The black thick clouds gone,
paving the way for the blue sky
happy sun ready to radiate 
the light to lives,
rejuvenated flora and fauna
all around.
No more lightning,
incessant thundering
or contingent fears.
The problem is,
mind's equanimity still a miss.
Recurring anxieties pains,
uneasinesses aloneness bouts of fears,
have come back to the cycle
from the hideouts 
to unleash the fury again,
just like the old evil spirit
refusing to vacate,
the abondonded house,
or the octogenarian gentleman,
on death bed,refusing to die
for the departing fulfilled greed,
has passed on the baton 
to others, of same genre,
in waiting, 
in serpentine queue.
The propensity to break away,
reinforces a passion for dispassion,
an uphill task,a slippery ground.
While the wait is for 
another soothing rain
or maturing of next greed,
the creator, up above the sky,
waits for a surrender of soul,
and psyche,
a dismantled doership,
an authoritarian I,
to the source! 



the 'I' 
stops at nothing 
always has a point to prove
desirous to compete
with everyone for everything 
one cardinal assumption
'I can't go wrong'
surfaced then 
is the collision of ego
minefield of grudges
embedded deep 
to the layers of thought process
puffed up with pride of knowledge 
materialistic ostentation
or singing own glory
even propogated charity.
the life-force facing
stiff resistance from ego-force
eternal I 
into obscurity 
for I-thoughts firmly rooted 
on the pedestal of dark ignorance,
nourished by a 
' I am superior' syndrome
ever in the mind,
aware though
today's death is two days
past, tomorrow.
crucifixion is a possibility 
through self-enquiry 
knowing who am I 
and surrender in psyche
for the goodness 
and godliness! 




absconding happiness
it was right there
few days back, even few minutes
variations in contours
of mental plane
the unpredictable ritcher scale
upheavals of fears
hallucinations of paranoia
failure of perceptions
to search the genesis
or a disproportionate craving
to get hold of it, any how
the smiling hibiscus of windy morning,
don't know
how stays happy, all along
multitude of invasions
in heart and mind, unabated
simplicity and a discounted ego
minus orchestrated overthinking,
may bring many a lighter shades
to the complex cloistered
canvas of life
or self love with a tinge
of forgiveness, let go
may clear the logjam of vicious cycle
universality of love
among the siblings of HIM,
transcending the narrow boundaries
may illuminate the tunnel
of ignorance
for a lovely
easy ride !



In the tranquillity of dawn

cool canvas of aurora,

I asked the unadulterated mind

to stay cool


throughout the day

away from the complexities

Of the day

the mind said

it is you who makes  it adulterated

with your ego hatred greed

your quest for establishing your superiority , always

your inability to feel the colors

Of universality

you saw in the aurora ,

in the early morning !






Dear Enlightenment

is (15)

the cravings mount
never to recede 
or take a peaceful pause
the glitz
the gloat 
sound funny
for everything black
after closing the eyes
and the return journey is inevitable
to be traveled just alone 
nobody to follow
nothing to accompany
attachments,ego left behind
Dear Enlightenment!
where are you?
in the darkest corner of heart?
in the sidelines of conscience?
in the confines of intellect 
no matter wherever you are
come in now 
touch the lives!


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is (14)