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If nothing has happened 
why something is still there
the confluence of whys
now and then 
making waves 
at times,violent 
the graphic equalizer of heart 
making too much buzz 
with the musings of hatred 
the strings of unforgiveness 
rising up, as never before 
if sometimes 
the soothing breeze before the rain
promises positivity 
some other times 
the intense humidity of mind 
sends those promises 
back to the farthest yard of heart 
a vagary of climate change 
for the heart and mind 
something in the middle of larynx
difficult to dissolve 
in the world of concretes 
with edifices of ego pride scornfulness
searching the hearts of wax 
is a journey towards futility
if painting the self 
with the colors of ego narcissism 
and  pomposity 
is that beautiful 
then why the colors 
will not look attractive also with them 
if the tags of pride disdain
are not unstitched from the mind 
how the saplings of forgiveness and love 
be planted in heart 
the disconnect to HIS children 
will never bring the connect to HIM!

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