Just like that

Oh my silence! 
how much you speak,
untired, alone 
amidst vast horizon 
of internal noises,
multiple screenshots,
background scores.

Oh the wind,
my friend,
how much you talk,
en route
a platter of feelings,
earthy fragrance,
waves of jealousy 
news of paranoia 
a symphony of ecstasy,
goodness or godliness.

Oh my heart! 
how much you know,
how you treasure few,
discard some
and ignore many
how much you cry,
on the pedestal of emotions 
or backdrop of wisdom 
and ignorance 
how much you long
for the inaccessible,
embrace the penultimate 
the elasticity of your sensitivity,
paving the way for 
the oscillation of thoughts 
and actions! 


Fresh Air

The intermittent noise,
inside the smoky zone of mind
turbulent waves 
of midnight loneliness 
in the uncalm sea of heart.
The summit of hopelessness,
resounds the echoes of guilt,
the flavours of Jasmine 
outside the windows,
could have become a disruption
or at least a diversion source,
to put a full stop 
to uneasinesses, 
cocktail abstract thoughts 
but it failed 
like the failed fantasy.
How long the stagnant taciturn 
night lamp will be the companion,
no body knows.
The heaviness in heart,
craves for a breath of fresh air,
an escape route 
but who cares!


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the past haunts 
the heart yearns to travel 
the same road again,
lanes of unadulterated love.
the drizzling rain and 
the umbrella 
gift many mementos 
the old library becomes 
a mediator again 
the photo frame comes alive 
I love the soliloquy 
that follows.
futile though,
I search you behind the drapery 
as if you are playing 
hide and seek late in the night
the present overpowers the past 
and time never looks back 
but to say that 
the 'now' will push the ' then '
into oblivion,
will be wrong.
what you say ?


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Odd times

Don't know why 
a symphony of flashbacks,
a picturesque autumn
pervading the mind,
in scorching heat of summer,
knocks the door at odd times

tears beneath the brave postures,
guilt amidst the justifications,
knock the door at odd times

a vacuity
fills the heart at odd times
a pining to find the lost,
aches at odd times!



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You see i am unable to muster strength
with rashes in heart
and a raucous mind,
my companion.
the confines of scarry
solitary nights
still give rise to dream
the dream of layout of our future
once your cynosure
now needs a ferry
to reach the bedrock point,
of our togetherness
the hinge is missing somewhere
in the darkness of(mis) understanding,
i could still dream.
the lantern in your hand
searching the hinge
with me, together 
to ward off the abyss of murkiness,
or with you,there?


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when the  rain clad   hibiscus  smiled

in the breezy  morning today,

I  began searching  for  the absconding butterflies,

the rainbows

the miniature dreams

though ephemeral .

you see,

the question never was

how to dance drenched in rain,

driving the insipidity away

but how exhilarating it would

be with you by my side

I wiped the foggy droplets

on my glass window

to revisit the flashbacks

and recreate the paper boats !




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I  asked  the effusive reminiscences
to take   me to those moments
to be with you
I asked the rain to wash away
those tears and solitude
to palliate the pains
to pervade those dimples
on your cheeks
I  asked  those innocuous fights
to be very careful  next time
to be evanescent
if at all they be
I asked the breeze  to  preclude
the heaviness  in the air
or heart
I asked the esoteric crescent
to go back
to come back
a mellifluous full moon
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That long silence


after the long nattering 
your abrupt silence 
made me evaluate 
where i had gone wrong
where is the scope for amendment
on my part 
questioning the answers  
and answering the questions 
i confronted  on my way
the fear of loss 
and hope for a happy comeback
engaging me all through out 
making me looking out for 
the locksmith of hope 
to unlock the deadlock
i told my heart 
to stay cool
to persevere 
it is nothing more than 
an obscure patch
may be a swing of mood 
don't know why 
this time 
the normalcy did not return
your silence taking longer
to get dismantled 
longer enough to reinstate 
the original comeback!
leaving behind 
the memento of that long silence
with me 
for ever    


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Malaise of  heart

and  humanity ?

a  sediment  now


not embracing

profligacy of  ego and hatred

prognosis reinforces panacea

of  spreading love

I look out  for

the  matrix to help desire

the constant presence of omnipresent

in the temple  of  consciousness,

seeing  His  presence

in everyone

in everything !






somebody  from the crowd


be it  as  it may

why  it should  be

and  how long , i  don’t  know

the wooden log , dry,

life less , separated  from mother tree,

some how aspires  to be

in the middle  of  lively meadow

not   in the midst  of  midnight  despondency,

to  witness  the  preheated fantasies

going   evaporated , through  the window,

black  in the  night,

singing  a  semitone,

time  and  again.

You  know

it  is  difficult  to duplicate  the feelings

though  new aurora  may bring  varied new colors,

a  different  genre,

the  heart  still  craves

to  revolve around  the  sun  of  you

in  a  neoclassical  way,

with  renewed  precocity

to  draw  a  herbaceous  border

that  flourishes

with  the  tendril  of  you  being  near me,





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