I asked the torrential rain,
beating outside my windows,
in the midnight
'why you lash so much,
dark in the night,unnoticed'
the rain paused 
and said..
' do your job 
yes, without much ado,
I am doing mine'
the other day while crossing
the roadside graveyard 
few young and old people,
out from their resting place
laughed at me sarcastically,
live, live your tenure 
before you join us,
the beloved 
and the ego clad possessions,
left far behind 

live, live your tenure!
oh my God 
what is my tenure 
how little is left 
how do I cruise ahead of 
the ignorance 
I felt like 
rushing to embrace 
the ringing bells nearby,
the known,unknown people 
throwing all that came in between,
keeping everything else at bay!


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amidst snowflakes,

lore corroborated ,

season’s elations ,

flurry of  wintry excitements,

my disquieting mind,

filled with an ensnaring joy,

craved to find you , by my side

where are you

in  the droplets of misty morning

or in the darkness of stormy night,

in the glittering illuminations, every where outside

or in the soundless sound of painful solitude,

inside my room.

in the smiles of  the unprivileged

or in the woes in the deep swollen eyes

of destitute on the street

in the poverty of happiness

or in those pristine happiness in poverty

in my loving the ubiquitous love

my being reason for their joy,

my embracing the oneness,

in my abdicating the waves of ego

or in my seeing you within me,

surrendering to the omnipresence

no matter whether today’s shimmering glee,

be there  or not tomorrow,

i  inhaled your presence,

a festive rendezvous,

your shadow following me !


Merry  Christmas



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