The Distant Sky

The  crowd  
did not evidence  
anyone,  to be called 
very  own ! 
don't  know  why? 
there  was  no cool shade 
under the banyan tree
what was there  was 
heatwave  and  rejection 
there were no sounds 
of  love  and  equanimity!

The river where it was earlier, 
now a barren land 
the jungle 
now  a city of jealousy!
don't  know 
whether I am there or not 
where I used to be?  

The person evading death 
in the name of waiting 
for it, 
doesn't  know yet
what to search 
when or where to search!
standing still 
or  consciously  unconscious, 
he himself 
in his own hands 
makes  a  disturbed, 
unsatisfied  soul 
fly away 
to  a  distant sky, 
to an uncertain realm! 



scintillating  journey

cruising ahead the night’s silence ,

a  disturbed  sleep  syndrome

or  an  welcome  encounter

with  the  self !

the  time zone  meant for talking

to the  shadow of  intellect


far from  biases and  knoll of

irrational behaviours  executed

in the day

that day  a  second  evaluation of actions

some how reconfirmed that

how  wrong  was that  reaction

that  rude  tone

that  indifferent attitude

that  ignoring the  pain,

to  those people around

how the trail of  actions

was  bereft  of  love   care

and  compassion

a  revisit  making  me realize

the snags  of  humanity,

patience , forgiveness

or  eternal  awareness

a  revisit  urging me to refurbish,

before  I  succumbed  to  sleep !







Scrappy mindset 
and the hallucination
of texture of truth 
in the early morning 
or in the late night,
emanating from 
the perfunctory deeds! 

Perpetuity of today's 
colourful canvas 
will one day become 
a thing of past,
to clear the logjam 
in the air or hearts 
to transcend beyond 
the scapegoats of matter,
ego, hatred 
or dichotomy of pleasure 
and pain 





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drifting thoughts,

to align with the conscience

and  a  crying soul.

retreated baby steps

merge with multiple

accessible justifications,

a transitory escape route!

how the sun witnessed in the morning,

has become the moon in the night,now,

reinforcing  a  flying time,

I don’t know

the search, however

is yet to begin !




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here goes the old saying
that compares
the self of man to the supreme
seated in a chariot
with body as chariot
intellect as charioteer
mind as reins
senses as horses
sense objects as the road the chariot is driven
the unbridled horse can drive the chariot
on a dangerous journey!
which a discriminative intellect can stop
purifying the consciousness
the intellect that discriminates 
between real and unreal
between good and pleasant
between the eternal and the ephemeral
why this conscience and wisdom 
be the monopoly of a very few!
whatever be the milieu?
for it removes the fog of ego nescience
or repulsion
leading to befriending one's true divine nature!
where one can feel the infinite self in the individual self
the infinite mind in the individual mind
the infinite consciousness in the individual consciousness
time to shed the finite individuality 
to be with the infinite being!
for the corridors of love compassion for others
the way to conscience
to be wide opened!
now is the time 
the multitude of parched hearts 
embraced the irrigation of love and conscience
and the way to right karma
hey We!
why this intransigence!
why not the hugs of conscience!