Scrappy mindset 
and the hallucination
of texture of truth 
in the early morning 
or in the late night,
emanating from 
the perfunctory deeds! 

Perpetuity of today's 
colourful canvas 
will one day become 
a thing of past,
to clear the logjam 
in the air or hearts 
to transcend beyond 
the scapegoats of matter,
ego, hatred 
or dichotomy of pleasure 
and pain 




Where are you

Where are you

In the  aurora

or  the golden dusk

in flaura, fauna and the

expanse of living kingdom

or  in the compassionate manifestations

in the innocence of  babies

or  edifices of holy places

in the simplicities of souls

or  in the pains , trials and tribulations ,


in the smiles of flowers

or the fellow denizens

or in the tears seeking solaces

in the degree and extent of

humanitarian understandings

or  in the rays of omnipresence

scattered right before me !






Dear Enlightenment

is (15)

the cravings mount
never to recede 
or take a peaceful pause
the glitz
the gloat 
sound funny
for everything black
after closing the eyes
and the return journey is inevitable
to be traveled just alone 
nobody to follow
nothing to accompany
attachments,ego left behind
Dear Enlightenment!
where are you?
in the darkest corner of heart?
in the sidelines of conscience?
in the confines of intellect 
no matter wherever you are
come in now 
touch the lives!


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Self Surgery


overcoming being miserable 
or being far from 
the attacks of revulsion
when a moment's equanimity 
is considered actual happiness
on a bumpy ride called life,
the gateway to placidity and peace
seems to be ..balancing of mind 
or the objective observing 
of mind-matter interaction 
at the level of sensation sans blind reaction,
the insight to see things as it is 
for the mind is in constant touch with
the feelings of pains,heat,cold,stress..
at the subtler level of body
with pleasant feelings in body,
the mind reacting with clinging 
and unpleasant ones greeted with aversion! 
saying ' you are your own master'
paves the way for realizing the mantra
that everything changes in the world,
the people, situations, constantly
and looking things just as they are,
rather than a resorting to a blind reactionary spiral,
arrests mind malfunctioning!
if diseases,accidents need medical help
why the mental short circuits 
of anger,mood swings,insecurities,depression
be deprived of the mental help?
the antidote being..  
the mind surgery and dispassion! 
call it utilitarianism 
or a truce with life,
the road ahead
is to rewire 
and mind repair!    


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the sale 
the barcode scanner
the trial room
the bargain
the weighing scales
the bills and receipts 
the fake smiles to clinch the deal 
the corridors of needs or luxury
for the cause of survival or beyond!
the demand and supply 
and the equilibrium 
setting the perfection of prices
the rise and fall 
or the suppression of the wishes!
the show casing of goods or decadence
nothing new about this
hold on..
few market their wealth,ego,status
where ever they go 
always on the look out for buyers
failing to realize 
everything is black after closing the eyes
 and the death brings them to dust!
how about this
the surrender and the resultant blessings
the perfect give and take 
soaked in the love of HIM
the gateway to a blissful market!!   


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two drops of water merge
to create a larger drop
retaining their identities
the larger drop 
now falls into the ocean
to become one with the ocean
still keeping its molecules,atoms
with a gigantic canvas of consciousness
expanded to the infinity
feeling what the ocean feels
seeing what the ocean sees
hearing what the ocean hears 
in the oceanography of life 
the tiny drops in the ocean 
called God 
one with HIM 
a reflection of infinity
with the soul springing from
or merging with the supreme soul
one with all 
or all with one 
if it is so..
the worldly sojourn needs
the rekindled energy of oneness
oneness of love 
for love being the raw material 
the cosmos is made 
and loving others 
means loving ourselves
loving ourselves means 
loving the God
let the oneness prevail


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same texture of breath

everywhere, with everybody

the transport of air

or release of carbon dioxide

survival has a pattern


yellow is not the  color for few

while red blood for others

nothing is hidden

nothing was, for the scultpor

of  the universe

the sprouting of thoughts

the trajectory of subtle ego,

hatred , those clandestine intents

selfish in flavor

even non-conversion of thoughts

to actions is no yardstick to qualify

vacuum cleaning with tools

of cosmetic propaganda

is not going to absolve

the pristine soul does not know

the complications professed.

nothing like utopian

oneness has a new address

in love

compassion is the new etiquette

of  the town

for the union not far away













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drifting thoughts,

to align with the conscience

and  a  crying soul.

retreated baby steps

merge with multiple

accessible justifications,

a transitory escape route!

how the sun witnessed in the morning,

has become the moon in the night,now,

reinforcing  a  flying time,

I don’t know

the search, however

is yet to begin !




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I asked the shadow of intellect

the other day

to unfollow me

in my love for matter ,

greed and unforgiveness

in my penchant for defeating

others , in everything


and stop being an accomplice

to vices or perjury

to unfollow my nescient tendencies

to propel me to the vicinity

Of  infinity and bliss







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the big  and beautiful universe
billions of lives
big bang or before
who remembers me
except for my goodness

how hard I try to disprove

my non-entity stature

When the creator , up above the sky

laughs at my actions

and forgives me

why I carry a profusion

Of ego on my sleeves

a paradox to ruminate,

why this!




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