in the interlude of life

in a gradient path of values

a mute spectator to anger ego resentment

or jealousy amidst glutting materialism

as if living in a hutch 

not knowing how to evacuate the self 

from the imprisoned life cell 

to a safe haven of tranquility and contentment

the blatant ostentation 

the mildew in relationships or emotions 

he and his insomnia

the hangover of guilt 

the perceived nausea of heart 

not anymore 

now he resolved 

to join the forgiveness project 

to forgive and be forgiven 

for the cessation of resentment within 

away from indignation or anger 

or knoll of biases and sticky pains 

or the unintentional violence

the process of shedding karmas 

for peace health prosperity or career

for self and others

embracing the ingrdients
a subdued ego 

a little humility 

a bit of suppressed anger 

a feel of love for the father 

for the osmosis within 

for the rainbow of happines 

in and out! 


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those specious wanderings

will lead no where

those supercilious waves

will die down

if not today, tomorrow

how long the hyperbole

will work?

a soliloquy

with the deep layers of subconscious

may do away with the banality

and nescience

to rise above the ephemeral contours

for the epitome of the very existence



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scattered jasmines

each radiating the distinct fragrance

even after being plucked

unmindful of  their separation

from the  cosy laps of  mother

the sunbeams  don’t discriminate

the destinations they want  to go

I stumble


to disseminate the warmth

with unwanted stopovers

of  biases  half baked  judgement

inhibitions of clouds of ego

a blurred vision

a fall out of  elusive self surgery

a  conflict of interest

of  my  true nature

enough  is  enough

these pretentious displays

lofty ideals hanging  in the air

for so long

resolutions  on the wet sands

of  seashore

only to be washed away

by the  blue  ocean

the inclusiveness of a  search

amidst distraction of  procrastination

I  asked  the path

to enamour

my  mind  and  heart

with divine grace

as  I  tried to  grab

those depleting  love

and  perseverance




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the emptiness
amidst fullness
intrinsic uneasiness
when everything 
seems to be in place
those insecurities 
of varied textures
cropping up from hideouts
the cycle of fear
with genesis of anxieties
plethora of 'what ifs'
pangs of heart and mind 
a paradoxical journey 
I asked them, the other day
these undercurrents
the dilemma and vicissitudes
those intrusive friends,
why must you be 
in the vicinity
to play the hide and seek 
with the subconscious 
and how long 
listen, said they 
as long as 
you hold on to the I-consciousness
than God-consciousness 
duality than non-duality
misplaced identity
than knowing you,yourself
as long as 
you fly high your sole sojourn
fuelled by ego attachments ignorance
driven by inundating greed for matter
bereft of love and compassion 
that too in inverse direction
the placebo,said they 
is to use a parachute
to be down to earth
and walk
on a path of spreading love
universal in flavour,
rising above the duality,
transcending towards a summit 
of collective consciouness


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depleting stock

every other day

breached threshold

with a slightest provocation

irritability galore

afflicted mind and heart

and the first casualty,

the loss of patience

when the gain would have meant,

the gateway to peace

a mutinous mind,

disregarding  your tranquilizing effect

even when the misfortunes

would have turned into fortunes

anger  hostility hatred

would have converted into

love brotherhood and forgiveness,

with you by my side

no, no

you are not to be interpreted

as passive endurance,a blind fate

but a source of enough farsightedness

to trust the end result

just like

looking at black clouds

and feeling the rains

Oh my  peerless friend!

don’t leave me like this

come back

fill my heart coffer

to make me feel

the love kindness empathy around,

the metamorphosis within,

a paradise in waiting

for  i  am  nothing  without you !




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the undercurrent 
always at work
the agitation of mind 
refusing to pause
as if human worries are unlimited
like wants
calmness of mind,
a distant dream.
the distant dream is hardly coveted,
coveted is the materialism
the love for greed 
the patronage of ego,
the ego erasing wisdom
or righteousness 
and the inner callings,
paving the way for unforgivingness
putting ' I' on the pedestal of ignorance
acting as hands in glove for hatred 
the hatred makes sure 
to bury the love 
the love is not possible 
for incessant inside  disgruntlement! 
what a platter! 
a hobson's choice 
or no choice 
i prayed for me 
and you all
for that elusive calmness
to return reinvented!


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amidst snowflakes,

lore corroborated ,

season’s elations ,

flurry of  wintry excitements,

my disquieting mind,

filled with an ensnaring joy,

craved to find you , by my side

where are you

in  the droplets of misty morning

or in the darkness of stormy night,

in the glittering illuminations, every where outside

or in the soundless sound of painful solitude,

inside my room.

in the smiles of  the unprivileged

or in the woes in the deep swollen eyes

of destitute on the street

in the poverty of happiness

or in those pristine happiness in poverty

in my loving the ubiquitous love

my being reason for their joy,

my embracing the oneness,

in my abdicating the waves of ego

or in my seeing you within me,

surrendering to the omnipresence

no matter whether today’s shimmering glee,

be there  or not tomorrow,

i  inhaled your presence,

a festive rendezvous,

your shadow following me !


Merry  Christmas



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not that
the puzzled mind
never experienced the spark,
the waves of wisdom and truth
passing through the sub-conscious,at times
the abrupt lightning  in the dark rainy night,
illuminating all around, amidst thick black clouds
but  i  let the waves go, unused,
silently through my window
with layers of matter,transitory happiness,lies
and ignorance,
covering my inner eyes
loads of self-styled justifications
making me retreat,
just from the facade of golden gate of bliss
who will tell whom
when i forgot my identity
everything else now  is a profanity,
a  superficial revolution!
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the aurora fades
with earth’s  sunbath
impermanence  cruises
ahead of  colors of life
memories stay back
with a lesson or two
wrinkles sometimes
don’t speak of  intrinsic maturity
death  has  many  followers in living beings
with  an  uncertain following path
if  fake smiles are not caught in camera
it hardly proves
the smiles disseminated  warmth
what is obscure
when the moon is out
to universalize the warmth
with myriad rays of  solace and love
pregnancy of little rationality
is  better than  a  teeming ignorant fellows.
knowing  is  living
dying unknowingly  is  a  loss !



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the rain is over
leaving the coolant effects
black thick clouds gone
clearer blue sky now
cool earth
happy sun ready 
to deliver light to life 
rejuvenated flora and fauna
no more lightning
no incessant thundering 
or contingent fears
what is the problem now
mind's equanimity still a miss
recurring anxieties pains paranoia 
have come back to the cycle
from the hideouts
to unleash the fury again
the evil spirit
refuses to vacate the abandoned house
the departing fulfilled greed,
has passed on the baton
to others, of same genre,
in waiting, in serpentine queue
the propensity to break away,
reinforces a passion for dispassion,
an uphill task, a slippery ground 
while the wait is for 
another forecast of soothing rain
or maturing of next greed
the creator waits for 
a surrendering of soul,
a dismantled doership,
an authoritarian I ! 


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