Vagaries of emotions,



deep down,

a  driver subconscious

sees things

feels the horizon

as  rich or trivial  raw material

it is stacked with !

simplicity is also called erudition ,

a mental plane dedicated

and surrendered to the omnipresent

is also called  the higher version

Of  self realization,

the  gateway to truth and emancipation


Castle of hopes

the midnight soliloquy

and the castle of hopes

with bricks of  permutations,


built , rebuilt.

sea of  imagination

cool , blue

the tidal fantasy marching ahead,


don’t  know why

transitory white bubbles

die natural death !

retreating waves

cruising ahead to disseminate

the havoc of  pain.

believe me

the crossroads of  aching silences

will  not  be same again

for the cycle of  impermanence

will replace gloom with  glee ,

after few  hours

with the  new  aurora

castle of  hopes

this  time  will  be  built

on the  as  is  where  is  basis

on  the  edifice  of  living in the present

than  in   past  or  future

and  will be  rebuilt

with  the belief that

everything  happens

for  a  reason !









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a plethora of voices

each setting its spectrum

noises intermittent

many unnecessary but inescapable

the statues of future,

of  fear greed success failure,

self made,

dancing right before the mind

with the future being consumed,  now.

all  i  wanted,

a few moments of  nothingness

to keep the ever engaging mind at bay

a forest stay ,  away from this world of attachments,

a trail of seclusion scouting for those

precious moments .

meditation or without or beyond

internal silence is an inside job


a deliberate mission for a higher conversation ,

is  all about knowing the truth

and unknowing the attachments ,

manifested in fear greed ego,

successes or  failures


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Dear Mind


the horizon is not fixed 
the assortment of layers
sprinting from the mould of subconscious
to the mound of hidden subtle thoughts
biased or unbiased
rich or trivial 
the cruise encompassing from here to there
from least to most
from mundane to surrealism 
from the transparent ambience of heart
to knoll of inflictions or judgements 
Or in between, the patch of 
if you are with me now
the next moment you accompany me
to them or there,dissecting everything
forming the cocoon of my behaviors!
at times I wonder
who controls you
are you auto-controlled!
or it is my wisdom or ignorance
my background,my persuasion,
my being prone to hypnosis around
or my neurotransmitter
I once thought to bring a rope
to chain you in a corner
unplugging from the main socket,
only to invite a stinking darkness
go wherever you want
no curb on your freedom
but just a request 
change your direction,may it mean a misdirection
towards the pinnacle of positivity,love
leaving the tracks of hatred,ignorance or fear
far behind 
for the endorphins of goodness,
brainwashing,persuading all that come in between
for you make my day
perhaps you make me what I am!


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the 'I' 
stops at nothing 
always has a point to prove
desirous to compete
with everyone for everything 
one cardinal assumption
'I can't go wrong'
surfaced then 
is the collision of ego
minefield of grudges
embedded deep 
to the layers of thought process
puffed up with pride of knowledge 
materialistic ostentation
or singing own glory
even propogated charity.
the life-force facing
stiff resistance from ego-force
eternal I 
into obscurity 
for I-thoughts firmly rooted 
on the pedestal of dark ignorance,
nourished by a 
' I am superior' syndrome
ever in the mind,
aware though
today's death is two days
past, tomorrow.
crucifixion is a possibility 
through self-enquiry 
knowing who am I 
and surrender in psyche
for the goodness 
and godliness! 




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the aurora fades
with earth’s  sunbath
impermanence  cruises
ahead of  colors of life
memories stay back
with a lesson or two
wrinkles sometimes
don’t speak of  intrinsic maturity
death  has  many  followers in living beings
with  an  uncertain following path
if  fake smiles are not caught in camera
it hardly proves
the smiles disseminated  warmth
what is obscure
when the moon is out
to universalize the warmth
with myriad rays of  solace and love
pregnancy of little rationality
is  better than  a  teeming ignorant thoughts.
knowing  is  living
dying unknowingly  is  a  loss !



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Malaise of  heart

and  humanity ?

a  sediment  now


not embracing

profligacy of  ego and hatred

prognosis reinforces panacea

of  spreading love

I look out  for

the  matrix to help desire

the constant presence of omnipresent

in the temple  of  consciousness,

seeing  His  presence

in everyone

in everything !