the darkness has set in
before it is completely dark
the light slipping away,
from the horizon!
the painful uncertainty,
of waiting,
against a certainty of journey
the sinking confidence,
the mounting insecurities,
all started with,
the birth of wrinkles
a confluence,
of fear, anxiety, hopelessness
the so called freedom,
now in the lock up,
and individuality,
already jailed!
aching compromises..
now christened adaptability!
the stacked up tears
in the heart,
and longings,
in the deep swollen eyes,
trying to convey...
" please understand me..
the physical decline,
natural,may be a part of life,
but the moral decline,
by you all,
is not the art of life"
the living Gods,
living in obscurity
like an abandoned structure,
co-existing with new houses
I knew them long before,
in their youth
who gave everything,
to their offsprings,
who built the families,
the societies,
being the architects of values,
erudition,hopes, welfare!
or who kept everything ready,
for the posterity to enjoy 
more than they,
I want them to be loved,
understood,cared for..
for the twilight
is as universal and generic,
as life and death 
for hope against hopes
is also called hope!