the impassioned euphoria, 
the feel-good wintery dreams,
the overcast sky,
appearing like a clean slate,
blue and clear
the stereotype flummery,
sometimes irritates me,
the warmth 
as if gone for a long leave,
even in the holidays time!
and love is reserved,
for equals
or more equals
don't ask..
why not for less equals
or less privileged,
for i  have evolved like this
for years
for my benefits
i don't see the darkness,
behind the sparkling lights
on the streets,
crying faces,
with a lid of despair,
know, by this time,
how unmoved,
the brothers and sisters are
a fiasco of heart,
a zone of endangered compassion
feeling good,
with them
is a wonderful thing to do,
with a joystick of love
for the search engine of heart,
for looking out,
for the supreme light,
is nothing but a profanity!