Just like that

Oh my silence! 
how much you speak,
untired, alone 
amidst vast horizon 
of internal noises,
multiple screenshots,
background scores.

Oh the wind,
my friend,
how much you talk,
en route
a platter of feelings,
earthy fragrance,
waves of jealousy 
news of paranoia 
a symphony of ecstasy,
goodness or godliness.

Oh my heart! 
how much you know,
how you treasure few,
discard some
and ignore many
how much you cry,
on the pedestal of emotions 
or backdrop of wisdom 
and ignorance 
how much you long
for the inaccessible,
embrace the penultimate 
the elasticity of your sensitivity,
paving the way for 
the oscillation of thoughts 
and actions! 


Castle of hopes

the midnight soliloquy

and the castle of hopes

with bricks of  permutations,


built , rebuilt.

sea of  imagination

cool , blue

the tidal fantasy marching ahead,


don’t  know why

transitory white bubbles

die natural death !

retreating waves

cruising ahead to disseminate

the havoc of  pain.

believe me

the crossroads of  aching silences

will  not  be same again

for the cycle of  impermanence

will replace gloom with  glee ,

after few  hours

with the  new  aurora

castle of  hopes

this  time  will  be  built

on the  as  is  where  is  basis

on  the  edifice  of  living in the present

than  in   past  or  future

and  will be  rebuilt

with  the belief that

everything  happens

for  a  reason !








Voice 2

The voices ,
Samaritan voices ,
Pristine , conscience enamoured,
at times did appear ,
radiating the abrupt spark
waving their hands from a distance,
feeble ,slow, inconsequential though ,
insinuating what to do
or not do ,
to be little kinder
little more compassionate empathetic
to love a little more ,
to others around
but only to be suppressed
by the aura of ego self-indulgence.
‘ I ‘ and ‘ why I ‘
being the circumventing force ,
the spoilers to the rainbow
or the fear of being a maverick!
butchered rationality,
even could not cry
before being buried
under the heaps of materialism,
core primitive voices
once again orphaned ,
left to strangulate themselves.
All the wisdom now inaccessible,
the goodness propaganda
already hiding some where,
deaf and dumb.
Stark ignorance amidst erudition,
is not embracing the simple truth:
All are one
and one is in All .


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Fresh Air

The intermittent noise,
inside the smoky zone of mind
turbulent waves 
of midnight loneliness 
in the uncalm sea of heart.
The summit of hopelessness,
resounds the echoes of guilt,
the flavours of Jasmine 
outside the windows,
could have become a disruption
or at least a diversion source,
to put a full stop 
to uneasinesses, 
cocktail abstract thoughts 
but it failed 
like the failed fantasy.
How long the stagnant taciturn 
night lamp will be the companion,
no body knows.
The heaviness in heart,
craves for a breath of fresh air,
an escape route 
but who cares!


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The rain is  over 
leaving the coolant effects,
every where.
The black thick clouds gone,
paving the way for the blue sky
happy sun ready to radiate 
the light to lives,
rejuvenated flora and fauna
all around.
No more lightning,
incessant thundering
or contingent fears.
The problem is,
mind's equanimity still a miss.
Recurring anxieties pains,
uneasinesses aloneness bouts of fears,
have come back to the cycle
from the hideouts 
to unleash the fury again,
just like the old evil spirit
refusing to vacate,
the abondonded house,
or the octogenarian gentleman,
on death bed,refusing to die
for the departing fulfilled greed,
has passed on the baton 
to others, of same genre,
in waiting, 
in serpentine queue.
The propensity to break away,
reinforces a passion for dispassion,
an uphill task,a slippery ground.
While the wait is for 
another soothing rain
or maturing of next greed,
the creator, up above the sky,
waits for a surrender of soul,
and psyche,
a dismantled doership,
an authoritarian I,
to the source! 



the past haunts 
the heart yearns to travel 
the same road again,
lanes of unadulterated love.
the drizzling rain and 
the umbrella 
gift many mementos 
the old library becomes 
a mediator again 
the photo frame comes alive 
I love the soliloquy 
that follows.
futile though,
I search you behind the drapery 
as if you are playing 
hide and seek late in the night
the present overpowers the past 
and time never looks back 
but to say that 
the 'now' will push the ' then '
into oblivion,
will be wrong.
what you say ?


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The Sea & Crab

the sea looked 
little reposeful,
reticent waves,
like my disturbed,
subdued,gloomy mind waves on the shore
serene blue expanse 
bereft of agility,
relishing the 'my space 'luxury 
in the land of intruders!

I looked in its eye,
the mother of many in its lap,
gigantic yet modest 
unlike the non-entity,
ostentatious siblings,
in the plane.
little knowledge,
is a dangerous thing 
how little is too little,
amidst subjective scales
sans objectivity,
some how  reinforces,
how life is lost everyday,
a depleting debilitating syndrome,
a debacle of being! 

a new born crab 
just now rushed towards me 
for shelter, innocently 
unaware of,
how dangerous its protector can be
soon on my palm,
we understood the language 
of warmth,mutual respect 
love was in the air,
all around,
in the faces of small plants,
in the  retreating foams,
in the brotherly winds,
dancing with joy,
in the sandy corridor 
the surging water,
suddenly kissing my feet,
the strangers looking,
known, very own.


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I asked the torrential rain,
beating outside my windows,
in the midnight
'why you lash so much,
dark in the night,unnoticed'
the rain paused 
and said..
' do your job 
yes, without much ado,
I am doing mine'
the other day while crossing
the roadside graveyard 
few young and old people,
out from their resting place
laughed at me sarcastically,
live, live your tenure 
before you join us,
the beloved 
and the ego clad possessions,
left far behind 

live, live your tenure!
oh my God 
what is my tenure 
how little is left 
how do I cruise ahead of 
the ignorance 
I felt like 
rushing to embrace 
the ringing bells nearby,
the known,unknown people 
throwing all that came in between,
keeping everything else at bay!


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images (1)

a plethora of voices

each setting its spectrum

noises intermittent

many unnecessary but inescapable

the statues of future,

of  fear greed success failure,

self made,

dancing right before the mind

with the future being consumed,  now.

all  i  wanted,

a few moments of  nothingness

to keep the ever engaging mind at bay

a forest stay ,  away from this world of attachments,

a trail of seclusion scouting for those

precious moments .

meditation or without or beyond

internal silence is an inside job


a deliberate mission for a higher conversation ,

is  all about knowing the truth

and unknowing the attachments ,

manifested in fear greed ego,

successes or  failures


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Odd times

Don't know why 
a symphony of flashbacks,
a picturesque autumn
pervading the mind,
in scorching heat of summer,
knocks the door at odd times

tears beneath the brave postures,
guilt amidst the justifications,
knock the door at odd times

a vacuity
fills the heart at odd times
a pining to find the lost,
aches at odd times!